Colibri 1.8.1 Changelog

Album art support has been extended

  • all supported audio files with proper ID3 tags and/or iTunes metadata will have their album artwork shown
  • including, but not limited to: ALAC, AAC, M4A and MP3 files

Colibri has a brand-new CUE sheet reading engine

  • all file encoding types readable by macOS are now supported (UTF8/UTF16/Unicode/Shift-JIS and more)
  • further enhanced data separation detection

Enhanced multithreading for Colibri’s internals

  • playback has been rewritten to use asynchronous read-ahead
  • reduced lag/stuttering during network storage/high-latency playback
  • reduced playback lag/stuttering when your computer is under stress (high CPU load)

Sound Output settings

  • Selected output is properly saved and loaded
  • If the saved device is absent when Colibri is started the the default output will be used
  • The frequency allowed by CoreAudio is now visible under the Output select box

Exclusive/Hog mode

  • Enable Exclusive/Hog mode in Settings – Output to cancel any other sound sources on your Mac for a truly undisturbed listening experience

Further Enhancements

  • Added macOS Notification Center support, try it at the slightly revamped Settings panel
  • Added missing Retina display app icons
  • Pressing the return/enter key immediately starts the playback from the selected song in the playlist
  • Sandbox permission windows are now shown directly above Colibri’s main window
  • Due to popular request, an on/off switch for the volume, seeking and pause pop-up notifications has been added in the Settings menu


  • BASS FLAC updated to version 2.4.4
  • BASS MIXER updated to version 2.4.9


  • The playlist would have floating and duplicating album titles upon column switching
  • The title and artist name would not properly center horizontally on switching to 2-column mode
  • Colibri would not load songs from Folders dragged and dropped on the Dock icon
  • Colibri Playlist files would not always load properly via drag and drop
  • Open Playlist would not always clear the whole playlist
  • The selection cursor would disappear on song change or when the playlist is reordered/modified
  • Switching loop modes directly before a song would end could cause the song details to not update properly
  • Right-clicking/Option-clicking on empty space the Playlist and selecting ‘Reveal in Finder’ could cause Colibri to crash
  • CUE sheet PERFORMER data was not being read correctly
  • Initial playlist style was not properly initialized after a fresh install
  • Sandbox permission granting could not always load the file the permission was asked for
  • Mass-deleting and quickly re-adding multiple files at the same time could cause Colibri to crash
  • In some cases corrupt/missing files would cause a bit of a chaos: titles and their respective songs would get mixed up
  • Songs originating from CUE sheets that were not in UTF-8 BOM format would have ‘Unknown Artist’ shown as their Performer after exiting and relaunching Colibri – even though they had been correctly read the first time they were added