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When you visit the Mac App Store for Colibri, most of the time you will only see reviews (and my responses) from the country that matches your Apple ID – which is nice, but depending on your territory, you might not even see any reviews at all (or just a few recent ones).

So for the sake of completeness and transparency, here are all the reviews available from my Apple Developer Account in an uncurated, unedited form as of the date of generation seen at the very bottom of the list, ordered by submission date, new to old.

This also allows me to use this cheesy catchphrase:

Colibri for Mac – even the reviews are lossless!

Is it legit?

Yes, the data was pulled straight from the Mac App Store using the publicly available App Store Connect API. I’ve written a small app that retrieves all the data and produces a list such as this – might make it public at a later point in time as I couldn’t find an app that does exactly this. For anyone wondering, I’ve used the ty-yqs/App-Store-Connect-API open source PHP project as a starting point.

Why would a review disappear?

As a developer, I have little to no control over the reviews users send through the Mac App Store (aside from reporting one as inappropriate or spam) so when a review disappears, that means the user had requested a refund for Colibri and it got approved. In such a scenario, the full retail price of the app is refunded and the associated app review rating and text are removed from the App Store page/profile (as the user no longer owns it). Is it a good thing? Yes and no.

On the one hand, a presumably lower score review vanishes and your overall score goes back to a bit higher in average – but on the other hand, if you’re not checking your recent reviews every day (as you do not get an email alert from Apple once a new review is in and had been green-lit for public appearance on the storefront), you might miss out on a crucial piece of feedback that otherwise would have flown under your radar.

The Reviews

★★★★★   153
★★★★☆   37
★★★☆☆   15
★★☆☆☆   13
★☆☆☆☆   28

Excellent App and support   ★★★★★

I reached out to the developer, and they’re super supportive. I like that this app can readily read DSD type files, on the Mac, and send them off to my external DAC. The music is sounding out of this world great.

eemacguru from United States on 13/Jul/2024

Fantastic Hi-Res Player Focused on Great Sound   ★★★★★

I picked up my first DAC 6 months ago and downloaded the Colibri DSD Test App to help me learn the intricasies of various file types - and particularly those that play well on my configuration (enormously helpful, Gabor!) I looked around for the best player that simply adapted and optimized itself to my hardware. IMHO this software does it well, can be configured to display the file type bit-count, sample rate etc. as it changes with each file - and doesn't tie itself to a subscription or specific source. Support your small developers - this app is money well spent! It brought my DAC to its full potential. The Airplay 2 support is a nice little bonus for streaming to HomePods in another room if you just want some ambient music.

Chicago Dtrain from United States on 06/May/2024

great to not have to use iTunes   ★★★★★

Have Hi-Res music I purchased, and I like to manage those albums outside of Apple's iTunes/Music ecosystem

--** from United States on 06/May/2024

Developer Response (23/Nov/2023)

Hi there! Thanks so much for the support and the kind, motivating words! Happy listening! 🙂 Cheers, Gábor

Problemer med at afslutte programmet   ★★★☆☆

Fin afspiller, men har tit problemer med at lukke programmet igen, da den fryser. Det er ikke godt nok.

Lars Klindt from Denmark on 06/Apr/2024

Developer Response (08/Apr/2024)

Hi Lars, Sorry to hear about the troubles - let me know if I can assist you, eager to get the problems sorted! I'm available through '', let me know about the details. Thanks and Cheers, Gabor

Great audiophile player!   ★★★★★

Just features you need to enjoy your favourite tracks.

..:: Anonymous ::.. from Lithuania on 06/Mar/2024

Great and simple player   ★★★★★

Works perfectly, very easy to use and great sound output - one of the few players available that lets you select output devices and exclusive mode, which means you don't get system sounds interfering with music playback (and works great with external DACs too). Not bloatet with excessive features, simple and does what it says on the tin. That said, one extra feature I would love it scrobbling - I know it's on the roadmap at some point, but that would really make this perfect for me!

Mooscotmoo from United Kingdom on 12/Feb/2024

Un'app perfetta   ★★★★★

Colibri è proprio come tuttte le app dovrebberop essere: bella, facile da usare e funziona perfettamente. Il sito web dello sviluppatore è fatto benissimo e risponde a tutte le domande; c'è anche la versione di prova dell'app, qui sull'App Store, per verificare la compatibilità con il proprio DAC. Legge senza problemi i file in alta risoluzione, compresi i .dsf/.dff e mette a disposizione una grande varietà di strumenti per personalizzare l'esperienza di ascolto (playlist, equalizzatore, output audio ecc.). Vale molto più del suo prezzo, che è decisamente contenuto! --- Colibri is just as all apps should be: beautiful, easy to use and works perfectly. The developer's website is well done and answers all questions; there is also a trial version of the app, here on the App Store, to check compatibility with your DAC. It reads high-resolution files without problems, including .dsf/.dff, and provides a wide variety of tools to customise the listening experience (playlist, equaliser, audio output, etc.). It is worth much more than its price, which is very low!

DeusExIsTheGame from Italy on 07/Feb/2024

not worth it   ★☆☆☆☆

App simply crashes after a couple of songs (like 5 songs), after which you need to reload your playlist before it will play again

314590 from Netherlands on 27/Jan/2024

Developer Response (28/Jan/2024)

Hi 314590, Sorry to hear about this - I'm available for support via e-mail at '', please drop me a line as I'm eager to get this issue sorted! I'd also like to point out that you have the option to request a full refund within 90 days of purchase - the steps to do it are here: Cheers, Gabor

a waste of money   ★☆☆☆☆

1- There's no way to get any sound out of it 2- Graphically looks it's been designed 15 years ago 3- quite basic and unintuitive. A waste of 22 euros. I'm surprised it's still available in the App store

Locojazz from Italy on 24/Jan/2024

Developer Response (26/Jan/2024)

Hi Locojazz, Sorry to hear about this - I'm available for support via e-mail at '', please drop me a line I'm eager to get the sound issue sorted!  As for your other points, you have the option to request a full refund within 90 days - the steps to do it are here: Cheers, Gabor

Cant read my cue files - FIXED   ★★★★★

| 21/1 -24 Sorry. I forgot to get back to you. Works as it should. Thanks a lot. | VLC can read them, so can XLD. Im nasically stuck with having to convert my albums with XLD. Colibri refuses to properly read my cue files. I'm basically wasting 15-30 seconds each time I want to listen to an allbum on Colibri. It's f-ing annoying.

Dalahast26 from Sweden on 21/Jan/2024

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi! Sorry to hear that, if you can send such a cue file my way, I’d be more than happy to look into it! Here’s my email: EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

Simple App   ★★★★★

It is a very simple and streamlined app, it could be too simplistic, but I believe that is what the developer is looking for. I have many FLAC files and it works wonderfully with them. One thing I would change though (I have a bit of OCD) is the icon, I do not like it one bit, it is rather ugly IMO... apart from that, 5 stars from me.

jara76 from United States on 20/Jan/2024

Must music player for Mac   ★★★★★

If you want a dedicated non-library music player that sounds great, is lightweight, has clear user interface and above all fast developer's support, this is it! Do not look any further. I don't mind either paid or free, what is important to me is sound, looks, regular updates, feedback from developer and a website content that proves that app is alive. I dedicated too much time checking the web for a players, trialed different players and checked their websites just to realize that due to above the Colibri deserves five stars among the peers. Worth the money, imho. 7 January 2024

Gariga101 from Slovenia on 07/Jan/2024

Bye bye Pine Player, Welcome Colibri!   ★★★★★

I had both players installed but after the latest updat of sPine Player I exclusively use Colibri! Great player, simple, efficient and of high quality!

george46 from United States on 05/Jan/2024

Nice music player   ★★★★★

My opinion: It's player and works very well. I like clean & simple interface and playing functionality. App have a lot of stuff for hi-quality sound. Additional respect to author for solving my quite specific issue. Thanks, Gabor.

Ruslan Ks from Ukraine on 29/Dec/2023

Perfect   ★★★★★

Perfectly focused on playing music. Superb audio quality. Elegant UI. No glitches. No bloat.

DannyWolters from New Zealand on 11/Dec/2023

Getting worse   ★☆☆☆☆

It was a pretty good player, but the last few updates have destroy everything. It can't even play a single file anymore, even after resets and reinstalls. Waste of an money.

Inco681 from Czech Republic on 27/Nov/2023

Developer Response (29/Nov/2023)

Hi Inco81! Sorry to hear about this, I would really love to help getting Colibri working on your end - please drop me a line via "" anytime! Cheers, Gabor

more and more problems after upgrade   ★☆☆☆☆

more and more bugs after up to date . it can not work many times.

甜甜猴哥 from China on 18/Nov/2023

Developer Response (19/Nov/2023)

Hi 甜甜猴哥, Really sorry about this, I've made a mistake with 2.1.8 and upon realising it, I've released the follow up update 2.1.9 as fast as I could to mitigate the issue. Based on user feedback so far, it is now working as intended - please contact me at '' so that I can offer assistance. Thank you for your time and apologies once again! Cheers, Gabor

Wonderful Music Player   ★★★★★

This app is a gem! The native AirPlay 2 support is fantastic, letting me play music everywhere effortlessly. It's clear a lot of care went into this app. What really stands out is the developer's support. He responds to reviews and addresses issues promptly which is amazing. His dedication alone earns a 5-star from me. Keep it up!

Péter Krassay from Canada on 02/Nov/2023

Developer Response (03/Nov/2023)

Hey Péter, Many thanks for the kind words and support - reviews like yours are what keep me going! Cheers, Gábor

Not been working properly   ★☆☆☆☆

This app hasn't worked like it used to for a while. are more Mac M1 and M2 os13.2 affected by this? I've had this app for a few years now, but it hasn't been working properly for a while now... too bad I'm throwing it off my PC now... a waste of your money and time... listening to music is really meant differently. If I am a beta tester instead of a customer, then I have to be paid!

Muziekkamer from Netherlands on 23/Oct/2023

Developer Response (24/Oct/2023)

Hi Muziekkamer, Sorry to hear about this, could you contact me via ‘’ so that I could help? EDIT: currently there are five new updates for Colibri since then (latest being 2.1.5) - please consider updating and let me know how it goes! EDIT2: Sorry to hear about this, I do understand your frustration. If you ever change your mind regarding Colibri, I'm available for support over at the email above, should the issue still exist then. Thank you! Thanks, Gabor

Great player   ★★★★★

Great player for use with PCM and DSD files. AirPlay2 supports now - awesome. Good quality of sound, no additional noise or something like this, stable work and flexible adjustments. I really happy to use it for years on my MacBooks with high level external DACs. Strongly reccomended.

Valera A. Davydoff from Russia on 20/Oct/2023

Best macOS player   ★★★★★

After many years with winamp and xmplay on windows this is the only player that i like to use on macOS. I love the exclusive mode and the whole design of the player and the developer is there to help when you need him.

micr0g from Greece on 26/Sep/2023

Kiváló lejátszó!   ★★★★★

Gratulálok Gábor! Hatalmasat alkottál!

gaalrichard from Hungary on 24/Sep/2023

Developer Response (26/Sep/2023)

Kedves gaalrichard! Nagyon szépen köszi! 🙂 Üdv, Gábor

Reading Sandbox - blah blah blah   ★★★☆☆

I've reviewed this before - gave it 5 stars... But only 3 stars today, trying to use it today (latest version from app store 2.1.6 - but was doing it on 2.1.3 earlier today) on Ventura 13.4 on MacBook Pro M1 [2020]) and I keep getting "Reading Sandbox... blah blah" - when I do hit Sandbox > Sandbox Manager nothing happens, except Colibri hangs and I have to "killall Colibri"...

Roger Damnjett from Australia on 08/Sep/2023

Developer Response (09/Sep/2023)

Update2: Hi Roger, sorry to hear about your troubles in your updated review - please consider contacting me again via email at '' so that I can help with the issue at hand. Thanks and Cheers, Gabor. Update1: thanks for getting in touch and updating your review! Much appreciated 🙂 Hi Roger! Sorry to hear this, I’d be more than happy to help with this, please contact me via so that I can assist. Thanks and Cheers, Gabor

Awesome update   ★★★★★

In fact, I purchased this program back on June 18, 2022. I had put it on hold until three days ago. There were a couple of reasons for this. First, the sandbox mode was repeatedly asking for permissions. Second, I have a habit of using headphone correction with programs like SoundID, Morphit, SoundSource (with AU Plug-in), and eqMac. However, every time I used these programs, it would cause my entire computer to freeze, requiring a reboot. Then, three days ago, I saw the contents of the latest 2.1.6 update, and I felt really excited. With hopeful anticipation, I launched the software once again. To my delight, I haven't experienced any computer freezes since then. The sandbox mode only asked for permissions once after loading a playlist. The CPU usage remains low, just as it was before. I am thrilled to see that this software has finally become the ideal super lightweight music player. I apologize for not reporting the issue sooner; English is not my native language, and my proficiency in English is poor. It's only with the appearance of ChatGPT that I dared to write this review. I'm really happy about Gabor Hargitai's continuous efforts in updating this software. Starting today, it's become an essential software for playing my local music files on my computer.

文句さん from Japan on 27/Aug/2023

Developer Response (28/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Thank you so much for updating your review and for the kind words and support! どうもありがとうございます!! Hi! I tried to reach out to the DSD copyright holders the get DST license, but they told me “it is not currently possible” - I do hope this changes in the future. Meanwhile, you could try converting your DST encoded DSD files with the awesome XLD app. Cheers, Gabor

UPDATE: Used to be really good but ...   ★★★★★

...since v2.1.3 the Sandbox security "check" does not work anymore. Well, actually it still works. But it is sooo slow that I force to kill/close the app and use something else to listen to music. It tries to read 350(!) security bookmarks - which takes forever. The joke is: I do not have any bookmarks. Zero. If I open the Sandbox manager it's empty! Hope they fix this soon. Otherwise that's it for me with Colibri. UPDATE: Great service - back on track! Thank you!!

Gehirnchirurg from Germany on 18/Aug/2023

Developer Response (20/Aug/2023)

Hi Gehirnchirurg, Sorry to hear about the troubles! I've just pushed an update with version number 2.1.5 (currently waiting for review) that will allow Sandbox Manager to show the unresolvable bookmarks as invalid. You will also be able to press the 'Smart Cleanup' button and the Sandbox Manager will remove all the invalid bookmarks for you, so next time startup of Colibri should be as swift as usual. That being said, 350 bookmarks are quite a lot - please after you update to 2.1.5, let Colibri finish startup and then use Sandbox Manager's Smart Cleanup button. If you have many folder/file bookmarks then consider adding a bookmark for the the top level folder of your collection via the '+' button of Sandbox Manager (after this Smart Cleanup can also remove the redundant paths for you) - that way, there won't be many smaller bookmarks to resolve on the next startup. I know it is not convenient, but being an App Store app Colibri has to adhere to the rules of Sandboxing. I'm also available for a faster form a of support via email here: '' - let me know if I can assist further! Cheers, Gabor EDIT: Update 2.1.5 is now out, please consider trying it at your earliest convenience - let me know if I can help, should the issue still persist! 🙂 EDIT2: Thank you so much!

Jeden Cent wert   ★★★★★

Super Audioplayer. Kompakt und spielt viele Formate. War auf der Suche nach einen MIDI-Player. Dieser bietet sogar Soundfontunterstützung an, toll! Kenne BASS noch aus meiner alten WinXP Coderzeit, war damals schon begeistert 😉 Was noch schön wäre, wenn visuelle Effekte möglich wären.

härteres_gewöhnt from Germany on 15/Aug/2023

One of the best media players available   ★★★★★

There are numerous media players available for the Mac OS platform but few do as much as Colbri and for so little cost. Colibri offers features such as DSD playback - not converted to PCM as in other media players - BS2B support which makes for a much more pleasant listening experience through headphones, and a host of settings allowing the user to fine tune the listening experience. The program is straightforward, reliable and does exactly what it promises: bit perfect playback. You can pay a lot more money for a lot less and I am guessing that Colbri will continue to improve.

Finem from Netherlands on 07/Aug/2023

Developer Response (27/Feb/2023)

Hi Finem! Thanks for this, your kind words are much appreciated! I’m available at ‘’ for support/bugs - also please look forward to the next update, am going to support Colibri indefinitely 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

Great Tool   ★★★★★

Hi there! Really glad that this tool exists 🙂 !! So I can still play my old Amiga Mods on my Mac !! Thanks and keep up the great work !!!

dhark01 from Switzerland on 22/Jul/2023

Developer Response (24/Jul/2023)

Hi dhark01, Thanks so much, enjoy your music! Cheers, Gabor

Simple but Functional (recomend)   ★★★★★

I was looking for quite some time for a player supporting external DACs without too much hassle. I tried several options, but this one seems to hit the mark: It does not load the CPU. It allows for bit-perfect output. It supports a wide range of formats (excluding SACD). It provides customization options. Overall, I am very satisfied with it and can highly recommend it. Note for the developer: Thank you so much! I am looking forward to an updated version with even more functionality to enjoy.

KGZR from Ukraine on 25/Jun/2023

Thank You   ★★★★★

Thank you for giving me a way to reliably and accurately play music I wrote 30 years ago on my modern computer.

Rane500 from United States on 16/Jun/2023

This app is a gem   ★★★★★

I've got a large library (almost a terabyte) of music in all sorts of formats, including dff, dsf, flac, alac, and all the common ones. I used to go to great lengths to get the hi-rez files (dff, dsf) to play on my computer (I won't go into detail here, but it included two or three apps), and half the time it wouldn't work. Always a crap shoot, and very frustrating! So I decided to see if I could find an app that would handle such a wide variety of formats – especially dff and dsf. I saw this app and thought "well, ten bucks... it's worth a try." I definitely didn't want to spend $90 a year just to play my music. So glad I took the chance! I have yet to find a format that the app doesn't handle! And I've compared the sound to my other approach and it definitely seems more transparent and sharper... you may be thinking "it's digital – it should sound the same with any app or approach," but that hi-rez format has to be decoded into wavelengths and there's a variety of approaches to doing this... they are not all equal. One thing you need to know up front is that this is not iTunes – it's meant to be a playlist approach. The developer is VERY disciplined here – no nonsense, no bells or whistles, no fluff. Once you understand that you'll come to really appreciate it, but it may come as a shock at first (in fact, I first tried it and thought "nah... I'll try something else"). The way I use it is to just drag and drop the albums I want to play for the day... the songs pop up in the playlist (no album art... just the music files). Then I hit play and enjoy amazing sound. The next day I clear the playlist and drag what I feel like playing all over again. It's a different approach than most music apps, and you really begin to appreciate the simplicity after awhile. If I have a free evening, or am working at the computer, I might just drag albums or songs in one at a time for some careful listening. Then I clear them. It's kind of a new mindset, and I love it... kind of like putting a vinyl record on and then putting it back (ecept that you can line up a bunch of records). I definitely love the simplity, and it takes up very little desktop space. But I mostly love the way it handles anythinig you throw at it!

HBOooh from United States on 24/May/2023

doesn't work with multichannel audio   ★★★☆☆

It is a great lossless music player. It can play various types of format, wavpack, ape, flac, alac. you name it. However, if you have DVD audio music that has multichannel feature, it will ignore some channels. I will give this app 5 stars if it can accomodate multichannel audio.

Jack Popo from Indonesia on 01/May/2023

Flawless automatic bit rate switching!!   ★★★★★

A no-nonsense music player. Works perfectly for how I listen to my music.

cubbie95 from United States on 15/Apr/2023

Very Good .... But   ★★★★☆

This is going to be the player I have always wanted. The sandbox protection opening everytime I open a song (and therefore folder), even if previously opened, is too annoying. In fact, the extra mouse clicks required just to play a song is enough to make me use another player. Fingers crossed it is either removed or an option provided to turn it off. Future versions would benefit from lyrics (I think).

GrumpyOldMAJ from Australia on 09/Apr/2023

Era buena   ★★☆☆☆

Cuando funcionaba podia reproducir cualquier archivo de musica y funcionaba perfectamente con mi DAC. Ahora lo e reinstalado un par de veces, pero no se soluciona el problema. No corre el programa. Queda como que estuviera cargando y no funciona.

Pespinoza5 from Chile on 13/Mar/2023

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hola Pespinoza5, Podrías manderme un email a '' para que te pueda ayudar? Mil gracias! 🙂 NOTICIA: Ya ha salido multiples versiones nuevas, por favor puebanlos 🙂 Saludos, Gabor

DSD Nativo   ★★★★★

Hacía algún tiempo que estaba buscando un reproductor capáz de enviar DSD a mi DAC, todos los que encontraba costaban un ojo de la cara y la mitad del otro, hasta que en la web de NativeDSD encontré la recomendación de esta app al final de la lista y resultó ser una app excepcional, la Interfaz me encanta, es sencilla y simple su uso. Recomiendo pagar este precio que es muy justo y razonable y tus archivos DSD van a cobrar vida. Garantizado. Muchismas gracias a los programadores.

Jorge Bertoli from United States on 16/Feb/2023

Great Little Player   ★★★★★

Does what it says, just plays, sounds pretty good too. Point to your files and go. Works well and when there are glitches support is excellent... would you get an answer, from your app. supplier in the same day!! I also use Audirvana but they have now gone to a subsription model, not so sure of my future with them. Oh by the way, I can open a network stream to, so Jazz radio or SuperStereo 5 from Chile Higher-Res rock.. also works.

LaxyWayne from Canada on 13/Feb/2023

One stop shop PLAYER   ★★★★★

IF you are looking for one stop shop for a player, looks no where else. Like the title says, it is just a player. It can play many range of file extension. More over their support and developer are suepr friendly. Got issue with playing my Wav Pack colection and they fix it righ away.

lembang from Canada on 15/Jan/2023

Developer Response (13/Oct/2022)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback, if possible please contact me via ‘’ so that I can assist with the custom theme issue. Cheers, Gabor

Love this app!   ★★★★☆

Bought this app last year when I first got my Mac and I love it! For someone with a Hi-Fi setup and headphones, being able to easily access all of my CD's that I have saved in FLAC format is great! I love how lightweight and resource efficient the app is and all of the ways it can be customised such as themes, name of the app in the window and sound settings. The only thing I'd like is for some reason, the first track of every CD I own says "Track 1" by "Unknown Artist" but all other tracks are labled correctly. Maybe a bug with how I rip the CD's?. Either way, thanks for this great app!

Marley Hayward from United Kingdom on 06/Jan/2023

Developer Response (08/Jan/2023)

Hi Marley! Thanks for the feedback, if you can contact me via ‘’ I’d be more than happy to look into the issue! Cheers, Gabor

nice and shiny small music app   ★★★★★

It is nice and shiny small music app. DSD support in fine grade. You can choose DoP protocols from config, then tweak can be adapted to paly them sably. Another shaining part is a real quick and detailed support from the creater / develoer, Gabor. 小さく機能豊富な音楽アプリです.DSDサポートが細かく,いろんな設定を試すことができて,DSD(DoP)で音楽を楽しみたい人にはピッタリだと思います. クリエイター・開発者,Gaborとのやり取りも迅速かつ丁寧でそれも魅力の一つです.

Sunaoans from United States on 05/Jan/2023

Gapless Audio Playback done right!!!   ★★★★★

Since Apple removed gapless playback from iTunes it's always been an issue playing old analog mix tapes that have been transferred to AAC/MP3 etc. It will also play any audio file I throw at it. Clean simple interface, Terrific audio quality Thank you for doing it right!! Andrew Funktional Technologies Brooklyn, NY USA

Afunk62 from United States on 03/Jan/2023

Great app with excellent support   ★★★★★

This is an excellent app for bit perfect playback of music through an external audio device. It has a simple straightforward interface focused on playback from playlists. Playlists can be created ad hoc by selecting audio files or by importing playlists that have been exported from another program like the Apple Music app. Colibri can also save playlists that you create in the app. I manage all of my music in the Apple Music app. I maintain lots of playlists there (including smart playlists). I export all of these playlists into a folder and use those playlist files to feed Colibri. If there is a single track or album I want to hear, I can either find it in a playlist or navigate through the audio file hierarchy and play it from there. Colibri is one of those apps that does just one thing (music playback) and does it very well. It is clearly a Mac focused app and so observes Mac UI guidelines and integrates well with the Finder. This makes for an easy learning curve. I have tried several other apps that suffer from just being a Mac port of a generic or, even worse, a PC application. After trying these other applications for Mac playback, I settled on Colibri. The developer support has been excellent. I have received prompt and useful responses to my questions and issues. If you are looking for a bit perfect music playback app Colibri is worth a serious look. [In case you were wondering, I am not in any way affiliated with the developer and have received no compensation for this this review. I just love music.]

Jonny Otter from United States on 31/Dec/2022

Superb Player   ★★★★★

An excellent player which allows for a variety of my FLAC files (16/44, 24/96). Beautifully designed and easy to use, backed up with very helpful and friendly support from Gábor. If you are looking for a top quality player, this is an absolute bargain - try it!

Sparksfan1974 from United Kingdom on 06/Dec/2022

Great app for Offline Music listening   ★★★★★

I had been searching to a good music app for quite a while but every other app either had online streaming integration or did not provide good offline experience. If you are searching for a hi-res music player and connot chose anything, then your search is over with this app. This app has quite a few features which I don't think you'll find on other apps, you can check them out on the app's website. The developer also provides a small free test app, which you can find on the app store, to test out the files and system you might have, which is always a plus as you don't have to buy and check if this app works for you or not.

oshalb from India on 25/Nov/2022

Finally!   ★★★★★

Finally an app that allows TRUE GAPLESS playback for high resolution audio files! Custom EQ settings & full resolution playback so you can hear the music the way it was intended to be heard. The ONLY app that truly works properly!

ddee888 from United States on 18/Nov/2022

Totally Blown Away   ★★★★★

This is not a complicated app. Not alot of bells and whistles, But oh my gawd...the sound. The luscious, spatial imaging, detailed, rich, and crystal clear. I've listened to vintage jazz and classical, James Taylor, Taylor Swift electronic. Consistent high quality output that blows most other music players out of the water. Only drawback is you make one playlist. Editable for sure, add and substract tracks as you like, but you are limited to one playlist. Small price to pay for perfect sound quality/ Highly recommend this.

Songbear20147 from United States on 09/Nov/2022

Developer Response (11/Nov/2022)

Hi Songbear! Thanks for the kind words! Multiple playlist handling is on the to-do list for the future, please look forward to it! There's also a long-awaited search feature coming with a following update soon. Cheers, Gabor

themes变更闪退   ★★★☆☆

themes变更main window颜色闪退,mac os 版本13.0

云中天狱 from China on 07/Nov/2022

Developer Response (09/Nov/2022)

Hi! Sorry to hear about your troubles, could you please contact me via ‘’ so that I can help? Cheers, Gabor

It works well and looks smart   ★★★★★

This is a bargain given that the fee is one-off rather than a subscription. I use it to play FLAC files of purchased classical music out to an external Marantz device. Dragging the downloaded folder full of files onto the app interface creates a playlist which is easy to save for future use. The app works well and looks smart. The customer service from the author of the app is rapid and helpful too!

StephenBD from United Kingdom on 14/Oct/2022

Excellent Clean DSD Playback!   ★★★★★

I wanted to playback DSD audio files on my RME ADI-2 Pro FS R BE DAC. Colibri lets me play back my .dsf files in pure DSD format without having to transcode. My music sounds great, and Colibri is extremely easy to use. Thank you for making this!

MK500 from United States on 21/Sep/2022

Only get the spinning beach ball when trying to add music   ★☆☆☆☆


Showcreator from United States on 13/Sep/2022

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi! Sorry to hear about this - it could be either a Sandbox issue or something related to device enumeration. Please contact me via ‘’ so that I could look into this. Apple also provides a full refund if you’d wish to do so. EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

Good app overall   ★★★★☆

Good: - Nice minimalistic UI - Good sound quality - Plenty of options and tweaks Bad: - Crashes now and then - Playlist handling is at bare minimum. No song search. No Album/Artist grouping. Only single playlist.

ameiji_quilin from Serbia on 08/Sep/2022

Developer Response (10/Sep/2022)

Hi Ameiji! Thanks for the feedback, i’m currently working on search/filter, it should arrive soon with the next update! Cheers, Gabor

Great App   ★★★★★

Works very well with my Fiio DACs E17/E17K/FA3 for WAV, FLAC, DSD playback

vo502 from Guatemala on 01/Sep/2022

Just what I needed   ★★★★★

I was looking around for a simple to use player for DSD asked around nobody mentioned this but found the test player by accident in the app store it did the trick so bought the player

ISC CTO from United Kingdom on 30/Aug/2022

Fantastic   ★★★★★

If you're looking for a player which does one thing and does it extremely well, this is what you need. Colibri is perfect. It produces fantastic audio and is not filled with unnecessary features and bloat. I can once again enjoy music without the nonsense.

DolgeOrlick from Australia on 28/Aug/2022

Top Software / sehr agiler Entwickler!   ★★★★★

Da ich meine Rezension von vor drei Jahren leider nicht mehr bearbeiten kann, hier eine neue: Diese Software ist extrem vielseitig. Klanglich zählt sie zu den besten, die ich bisher am Markt gefunden habe. Mein damaliger Kritikpunkt, dass es zu Knacksern bei Titelwechseln während der DSD Wiedergabe kommt, wurde inzwischen durch den Hersteller meined DAC geklärt - die Software trägt hier also keine Schuld. Daher nun auch die versprochene 5 Sterne Bewertung. Der Entwickler ist sehr freundlich, extrem Kundenorientiert und reagiert auf jegliche Hinweise.

rott.weiler from Germany on 22/Aug/2022

Developer Response (23/Aug/2022)

Edit2: Thank you so much for the updated review and for the kind words, they are really appreciated! Reviews like this are what keep me going! 🙂 Edit: I've released update 1.9, please try it - I hear it now switches correctly with an RME ADI-2 Pro 😉 Thank you for your feedback, I'll look into what's causing this problem!

Simple, Great Player. Supports Actual DSD Output   ★★★★★

I tried the free test app and was very happy with it. Although many players will play DSD, a lot of those output it as PCM, which kind of defeats the purpose. Now that I have the full App, I am really impressed. It definitely is a great value. The audio quality is fantastic. It seems to pass through the digital music files to the DAC without interfering with them. My DAC confirmed outputs in actual DSD, as well as super high def PCM. The playlist functionality is not as extensive as some apps, but it is more than enough for me. I keep my audio files organized, so I just go straight to the album I want that way. One can make custom playlists, which seems straightforward. Still, I focus on the quality of the audio output, rather than fancy sorting functions, so I like the ease-of-use. I haven't had any reliability/bug issues. The app seem very stable.

Movies Viewer from United States on 17/Jul/2022

Best player für Mac   ★★★★★

Great and minimalistic, as in the good old times of WinAMP, but better! Outstanding good work and support! Looking forward for the next updates on .m3u playlist support. 🙂

MorphZeus83 from Germany on 10/Jul/2022

No search box   ★☆☆☆☆

when I bought the application, 6 months ago, I emailed the developer and asked him to add a search box. Looks like I was ignored... even though he told me he was on the list.

S9yN37 from Romania on 28/Jun/2022

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi! I do respond to all emails that hit my inbox, you haven’t been ignored! It really is on the to-do list still, and will be coming with an update. Please consider updating your review once that happens. EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then - and a Search box function is now available - please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

No scrobbling 🙁   ★☆☆☆☆

Feels like a missing feature on such a feature-full player.

Jérémie L. from United States on 16/Jun/2022

Developer Response (18/Jun/2022)

HI Jérémie! Thanks for the feedback, scrobbling is on the roadmap and it will come with an update - please consider revisiting your review once the feature is out, it would mean a lot 🙂 Cheers, Gábor

DSD   ★★★★★

I'm not really convinced DSD files sound better, but this is the only player I could find that played them through to my DAC. I have a Denafrips Ares II, which does support some DSD playback via USB from MacOS (I think it's limited by quality in Mac v. Windows). After fiddling around in the output settings (selecting DoP), I was able to get the "DSD" light to turn on in the DAC. Other players I tried were converting to PCM. I was playing "dsf" files, for what it's worth. I could not really hear a difference between high bit rate PCM and DSD, but I wanted to give it a try, after reading about how it might sound better. My system isn't very high end (Dynaudio x14 & cronus maganum tub amp), so maybe it will actually make a difference on higher end systems. Or maybe it's placebo. The UI of the app isn't the cleanest, but neither are the competing apps. So I didn't take any stars off for that.

Listen_to_Me from United States on 12/Jun/2022

Finally, the music player I was looking for!   ★★★★★

Clean & easy to use user interface, compact both in resource utilisation and price, bit-perfect audio reproduction and, when in "hog" mode, able to adjust DAC settings automagically! Compatible with all the formats I own... including native DSD! What else could one ask for? Well, I guess ID3 tag editor would make it perfect... But there are several of those out there in the market. Couldn't recommend it more.

BernxAU from Australia on 06/Jun/2022

DSD EASY   ★★★★★

Don't mess around with audio core and mess stuff up. Don't buy other players. On a Mac, Colibri and Foobar2K is all you need to play everything.

RobIsTakenTryAnother from United States on 04/Jun/2022

Have not been able to use it yet...   ★★★☆☆

I have a 2019 Macbook pro 16 inch. Nothing honestly special. I just wanted to have an application that would play MOD files. So I bought this player as an all in one. Unfortunately for me it freezes when I attempt to play anyfile, MP3, MOD, ETC... Anything I attempt to load it freezes and I am forced to force quit. I have sent the crash reports to the dev a few times and no response. I just want a working application. Hopefully a new release comes out soon and addresses my issue. Thanks, Del Mar Dial

Del Mar Dial from United States on 01/Jun/2022

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi! EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Sorry to hear about our little bird not behaving! Please contact me via ‘’ and I’ll do my best to figure this out. Cheers, Gabor

Exceptional app, but missing one feature   ★★★★☆

I'm a developer myself, so I understand the toils for a "labor of love." While I'm programming, there's nothing better for me to listen to various tracker formats while I'm programming (yes, file extensions with the *.mod, *.s3m, *.it, and others). Having been a Windows user for years, XMPlay was my go-to program of choice. With BASS, it's always played music as accurate as possible; just the way nature intended. I recently started the switch to macOS for a different workflow and found myself immediately installing Colibri to fill the music niche. Great theming, a stellar-sounding modular player, and intuitive controls make this app a must-have for any tracker music enjoyer. However I have to deduct a star because there is one feature (very important to me) that XMPlay has that Colibri lacks: looping for *.xm, *.it, and *.s3m files. While Colibri does include looping for *.mod files (which works *very* well on songs like Elysium), others like Future Space Bass and Revenge of the Cats seem to abruptly end, when they loop correctly on XMPlay. I don't know for sure if this is a format limitation with the BASS implementation on Mac OS, or if it's a feature actually missing in Colibri, but I would LOVE if this feature were to be added. Regardless, thank you for the stellar app! While I can see myself using this for years to come, it would be *amazing* if looping for other tracker formats were implemented.

Axis710 from United States on 16/May/2022

great for my very high res albums   ★★★★★

While I stream most of my music from my main computer, I needed another solution for my files in very high resolution (DSD128 via DoP and FLAC 354/24), for which I connect my MacBook Air to my DAC via USB. I also wanted to be able to simply drag and drop albums into the playlist, gapless playback and hog mode. This app does the trick.

Peter in B from Belgium on 25/Apr/2022

Noise issues while playing .UMX   ★★★★☆

I have noise on background while playing UMX tracks In other aspects the player is amazing (look, feel, speed)! However can't use for case I bought it 🙁

Urfin[QG] from Russia on 19/Apr/2022

Developer Response (20/Apr/2022)

Hi! Sorry to hear about it, could you contact me via '' so that I could take a look? Thanks and Cheers, Gabor

excellent product excellent support   ★★★★★

this product works as advertised and the one time i wanted a question answered, a response came to my inbox in less than 24 hours. that's great service cheers to Colibri

Wape Hatson from United States on 13/Apr/2022

Cumple, pero sin libreria de musica   ★★★☆☆

Cumple como reproductor de audio, pero es decepcionante que no tenga libreria de musica, lo que resulta frustrante cuando se quiere gestionar grandes cantidades archivos.

Felipe447 from Chile on 03/Apr/2022

Semplicemente PERFETTO   ★★★★★

L'unica App in grado di gestire perfettamente le potenzialità del mio FiiO K5 Pro.

Papá Gatto from Italy on 25/Mar/2022

Great audio quality and very low CPU demand   ★★★★★

Best app for listening to music. Uses very little CPU, no glitches, everything is flawless. I tried several applications of the genre and Colibri is a big winner. I recommend without hesitation.

denispointperron from Canada on 17/Feb/2022

Easy to use   ★★★★★

An easy to use player that does what is asked if it. I use with a Denafrips Ares 2 with no issues.

Paulsil from United Kingdom on 14/Feb/2022

Just what i was looking for.   ★★★★★

I have been using Colibri for a week with extreme satisfaction. It is just what I was looking for, a simple, bitperfect player for both 'CD type' flacs and high definition files without the need to build a library. I do not perceive any differences compared to Audirvana plus 1.5 that I used previously with which I was fine. I almost forgot: there is no subscription or monthly fee! WHAT LIBERATION! If I have to nitpick, there is no support for the Apple IR Remote, since I use a headless mac mini (from 2011 with an ssd, 8 Gb of ram and Sierra just installed as an OS) as a music server. 10 euros well spent.

mordecai_herzog from Italy on 13/Feb/2022

Exactly what I was looking for ...   ★★★★★

Finally, a music player that does what it should! It does not mess up tagging of your files, it supports ReplayGain. The price is very fair for the software, and I am happily willing to pay for it. I am a bit surprised why the ReplayGain support is not being advertised a bit more since it is a super important feature! I spent months of work to rip all my audio CDs using thoroughly selected CD-ROM drives that support accurate audio streaming (also much effort has been put in tagging and cover art). The missing piece on macOS has always been a suitable player which does not screw up my tagging, supports FLAC, supports album art using external image files and handles ReplayGain ... "Colibri" is finally the answer to all questions - great work!

LinuxRettet from Germany on 27/Jan/2022

NAGYON JÓ!   ★★★★★

Végre egy normális lejátszó MAC platformra. Egy jó hangkártyával (DAC) karöltve megint tudom normálisan élvezni a jó felvételeket. Ennyi pénzért szinte ingyen van! Vegyétek vigyétek!

D.andras from Hungary on 13/Jan/2022

Great Lossless Player   ★★★★★

I bought this app over a year ago, recently it has really grown on me as I realized it has everything I need. The price is ridiculously low for what you get and will save me a lot of money paying for a music app on the subscription model. The sound quality, of course, is awesome using my external DAC and amp.

RickB68 from United States on 13/Jan/2022

has bitperfect support?   ★★★★★

Minimal app that does the job. However, it seems that when in the hog mode, the "enable audio signal bypass" option works as "auto-raise system volume to 100%" function and there is no way to bypass system EQ. Does it mean bitperfect mode isn't working?

Lennnonguan from United States on 09/Jan/2022

super   ★★★★★

hervorragende Klangqualität (ohne Risiko die wertvollen Audiofiles ungewollt zu verändern). Genau was ich gesucht habe Danke !

meerau from Germany on 08/Jan/2022

Ask for some features   ★★★★☆

Hello, It would be great to store playlists and like favourite tracks, but I didn't find these simple features..

RomaTokyo from Russia on 05/Jan/2022

Developer Response (07/Jan/2022)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback - those features require Library support, which is currently in development, so it is coming in the future (no ETA on it though). Cheers, Gabor

Great App   ★★★★☆

This is a great and versatile app. Ufortunatelly after update Mac Os Catalina it doesn't work anymore. I try erasing into the folder ~/Library/Containers /gaborhargitai.colibri, and it still not working. Resolve this soon please.

Is:/: from United States on 10/Dec/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi! EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Thanks for the feedback, please comtact me via email at '' so that I can help find the issue 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

Excellent   ★★★★★

Very happy with this app. I use it for sending DSD files to my external USB DAC, without processing, and it's perfect for that. Appears to do a lot more too, which I've yet to try. UI is nice, and configurable. Lots of options for DAC control, very useful. Dev is responsive and helpful. thanks very much!

cdmackay123 from United Kingdom on 30/Nov/2021

basic and perfect   ★★★★★

Not gapless for dsd! Will update when I get that working. Developer is very responsive. This app is superior to all other fancy players IMO.

Pete and Repeet from United States on 08/Nov/2021

Developer Response (10/Nov/2021)

EDIT: Thanks for reaching out and updating your review! Much appreciated. Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having troubles - gapless should be working along with output settings, please drop me a line via email to ‘’ so that I can help. Thanks and Cheers, Gabor

Excellent value   ★★★★★

This program is stable, reliable, and non-buggy. It always loads an album's songs in correct order, which was a problem with the last player I was using. A pleasure to use, highly recommended. -Mark Rucker

marksart3 from United States on 07/Nov/2021

Long time Audirvana Colibri user   ★★★★☆

First i would have given 4.5 stars but it doesn't seem that's possible here, so 4 will have to suffice. I have been using Colibri for sometime, and it's my "i just wanna hear the track perfectly - RIGHT NOW" music player. I use Audirvana as well, also for a few years, and i am super annoyed that they have moved to subscription model. Like some other here, i just want to buy the software and pay fo upgrades like normal IF i feel they are worth it. Having to perpetually pay for the same peice of software makes 0 sense, especially if you dont use many of the HD streaming services. I like that coloibri doesn't do this. Now, for Colibri. It's every inch the payer that Audirvana is for a start. Some folks may argue that Audirvana has "better resolution" but i would argue you hear more impact from upgrading your DAC/AMP/Speakers/Phones than you will switching between Colibri and Audirvana. That said they serve two different uses. Audirvana is more of a library and streaming service management player. You have to manage and surf their interface, create folders and filters to organize your music teh way you want. The concpet of "drag, drop and play" just isn't what Audirvana is about. - Colibri let's you play what ever - WHENEVER you want to play it. Period. Colibri is easy on resources and fact that you can surf yor own folders your way without having to create an alternative file structure is huge plus. Audirvana doesn't do that so if your like me with 100's of GB of music that doesn't all come from Apple with perfect Tags, you'll appreciate this. If you have another "high-end" player, i would stil urge you to drop a few bucks and support Colibri - it really is that good and immediate of audio tool to not have.

digitldlnkwnt from United States on 30/Oct/2021

Happy Camper   ★★★★★

Just downloaded today and have not had a single issue on Macbook Pro 2015. Plays well with my Sony Headphone DAC. Thank you!

dirk0614 from United States on 30/Oct/2021

Nice App   ★★★★★

Like the app, good amount of control. Would be even better with some sort of visualizer or spectrum analyzer like in the old days 😉

Janko L. from Germany on 27/Oct/2021

Developer Response (28/Oct/2021)

Hi Janko, Thanks for the kind words! It is on the roadmap 😉 Cheers, Gabor

Simplicity itself   ★★★★★

I only just purchased Colibri and immediately fell in love with its clean, simple, Mac-friendly interface. I discovered that I could access and play music from any source that appears in the Finder, including music files that reside on an NAD Digital Music Player. Hence, I am able to listen to that store of music from my computer as well as from my main audio system. No glitches thus far, but I am still in the app exploration phase. I am very pleased and think that Colibri is well worth its modest price.

robgo2 from United States on 10/Oct/2021

Great Player, great Developer   ★★★★★

An absolute nice player. Easy to use, not cluttered, fills the gap between quicktime and apple music. If I could have one request, I would love to be able to adjust the volume of different songs in a playlist.

Phil😎😎😎 from Germany on 05/Oct/2021

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

Hi! The update is now out, please try it! Cheers, Gabor

Trés déçu   ★★☆☆☆

Je suis trés déçu : le streaming ne semble pas fonctionner (ni flux en aac, ni flux en MP3). Par ailleurs, l'application n'accepte pas les grosses bibliothèques. Et on se demande à quoi sert le sélecteur de sortie son qui semble fonctionner en totale indépendance de celui de Mac OS... Par contre le son qui sort de l'application semble correct, mais sans plus (pas comparable à un Audirvana, qui, c'est vrai n'est pas au même prix !) (MacBook pro M1 -MacOS Big Sur). Après la disparition pour moi et d'autres d'Audirvana, je cherhe encore l'application qui le remplacera efficacement, quitte à être sensiblement plus cher que Colibri... À bon entedeur, salut !

Émile Courrier from France on 15/Sep/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi Émile, EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Sadly, I don't speak French so I had to use machine translation for this one - sad to hear about your negative experiences regarding Colibri. If you're willing to give it another go then I'd be more than happy to take a look at the mp3/aac streaming issue - please contact me via email through '' so that I can help. The sound output switcher has a 'Default' option which lends control over to macOS, so that option needs to be selected to achieve the result that you've expected to happen (ie: speaker icon in macOS menu bar would control the output of Colibri as well). The reason why the output selection exists is that not everyone wants to use the system audio output for listening music - some even go as far as to enable Exclusive/Hog mode which needs this (and to be historically accurate, the Default output is a pretty recent addition). As for loading large libraries: 'proper' Library support is in the works as many people would prefer that in contrast to having a single, simple playlist. I hope I've touched on all of your points! Cheers, Gabor

Proprio quello che cercavo   ★★★★★

Semplice ed efficiente si interfaccia bene con l’hardware riproducendo con un’ ottima qualità

maxmala60 from Italy on 04/Sep/2021

Gratulálok Gábor!   ★★★★★

Nagyon megéri a pénzét! Szépen szól a DSD-vel. Szeretnék gratulálni Gábor! És persze a többieknek is akik közreműködtek. Ha a magyar nyelv is bele kerülne....

kardhegy from Hungary on 02/Sep/2021

Developer Response (04/Sep/2021)

Szia Kardhegy! Nagyon szépen köszi az értékelést, kicsit később érkezik a többnyelvűsítés - köztük természetesen a magyar is! 🙂 Egyedül dolgozom rajta szabad időmben, így különösen jól esik a támogatás! Üdv, Gábor

Has the features where they count   ★★★★★

With very few bugs or niggles, this minimalist-looking player hides in its preferences a wealth of features for getting good quality playback from a lot of different audio formats. The UI is simple, pared back, and basically everything that Apple's (absolutely risible!) Music app is not. Instead of hundreds of intrusive bugs, glacial performance and huge resource consumption, there's a lean, simple interface that responds instantly and gets out of the way so you can enjoy the music without wanting to throw the computer out of the window. While Apple struggle to even play back basic audio without pauses, skipped tracks, noise spikes or other faults, Colibri achieves the same thing that most other music players have been doing just fine for 25-odd-years; it plays music reliably. It'd be lovely if this supported streaming content, especially from the Apple Music servers, but as a developer myself I know just how awful and unreliable the Apple Music unfortunately API is. It's almost certainly not worth the developer's effort to waste time on trying to get anything remotely reliable working from that. With Colibiri, I'm encouraged to once again start maintaining and growing my local content library and abandoning my recent increasing reliance on expensive, but ever-more-buggy streaming services. No more DRM, no more bugs, no more resource hogging - just good music.

PondPad from New Zealand on 30/Aug/2021

please add direct mode   ★★★★★

Great player!!!! please add direct mode as in Audirvana, if possible. please add: - GROWL support - Font scaling - direct mode

jazztrane from Ukraine on 17/Aug/2021

Developer Response (20/Jul/2017)

Thanks! Added to the todo list for the upcoming version, happy listening! 🙂

Crashes all the time.   ★★☆☆☆

Unable to use this app. Worked great for about a month and then stoped opening. After updating the app, it worked ocassionally. Now every time i open the open, nothing happens and i have force quit the app. Also note, when it does sorta work, it takes forever to close app, in which case i have to force quit.

SeminaSemina from United States on 08/Aug/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi! EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Sorry to hear that - this sounds like a bug and I'd be more than happy to investigate this and help you along the way. If you're up for it, please let me know via an email to '' Cheers, Gabor

Very good app   ★★★★★

I use Colibri every day in combination with the ifi ZEN v2 DAC and even the MQA decoding work very good and sounds brilliant. I Hope it wil possible in the near future to play my CD's with it and then i'm very happy.

System II from Netherlands on 04/Aug/2021

Plays HD audio files from external drive(s)   ★★★★☆

Audio: For just playing HD audio (flac, wav, etc.) it's great and doesn't require some nonsense subscription fee each month/year. The EQ is nice for fine tuning the sound for various albums/genres. ~no way to preset an album for a specific EQ preference currently though. Luckily, the EQ icon makes sense and is easy to find. Don't seem to be able to back up/save to disk EQ settings and they sometimes dissapear forcing me to re-adjust them for a specific album. ~small price to pay for a simple app that just plays HD audio on OSX. GUI: Unfortunantly, the gui follows Apple and their quest to make the icons so simple that they are meaningless and indicate nothing about their function. The loop/replay settings are hidden behind a contextual menu indicated by what looks like a reminder list icon... There are - icons that would appear to be volume rockers but are not. They are add track/album and clear-all playlist buttons... Similar overly simplified icons are used for the next/previous track (which just restart the current track and don't seek or skip), play and stop (looks like the old home icon from iPhone) icons. Don't appear to have a seek icon/ability. I don't blame the developer for following Apple's desent into GUI madness but it makes interacting with the app a little annoying. There are some hotkeys to make up for the GUI issues but (command L) for loop and others are missing.

Cmd. Edward Blake from United States on 29/Jun/2021

Developer Response (30/Jun/2021)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into these and see what I can do about them going forward. Cheers, Gabor

Great support, works like a dream, best audioplayer.   ★★★★★

After the latest update the app first did not run on my system, after contacting the developer the problem was quickly solved and Colibri runs like a dream, and is again my preferred audioplayer. Thanx for the great and friendly support.

Maagst from Netherlands on 28/Jun/2021

Developer Response (29/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Thanks for helping me resolve the issue and giving me a chance! 🙂 Hi Maagst, Sorry to hear it, I always test every release all the way down to 10.10 Yosemite before publishing, so it is likely something else is wrong in your case - please contact me via '' so that I can help! Cheers, Gabor

Excellent Update   ★★★★★

Give it a try. It is a wonderful update.

(Farhad) from United States on 27/Jun/2021

Developer Response (15/Jul/2020)

Hello Farhad, EDIT (05/29): still working on it, please look forward to it. 🙂 EDIT (07/15): the architecture is complete, I’m now fixing bugs and adding some small features, hang tight! Yes, I’m still working on the update and if all goes well it will be out within a few weeks (it is a complete rewrite). I do not know what gave you the impression that I would charge for the update, as I tried to make it clear on the front page of the website (and everywhere else): there are and will be no in-app purchases, Colibri is a one-time purchase and all updates are and will be free. That still stands and it will never change, I personally guarantee it. Sorry if the communication wasn’t clear on that. Cheers, Gabor

This app is great!.   ★★★★★

The only app that can read DSD on a simple way, it's beautiful, it's so easy to use. The only thing that could make it better is a music library. This is my favorite app for listening Hi-Res music with FLAC and DSD files. Thanks to the developer!.

Cristhian1980 from Peru on 24/Jun/2021

Developer Response (25/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Thanks so much for reaching out, helping me diagnose the issue and providing feedback - and also for updating your review! Library support is in the planning stages and will come as a free update 🙂 Hola Cristhian1980, La versión nueva ya está disponible! Saludos, Gabor

Good job   ★★★★★

After the new updates works great ! No bugs, no delay... 10 points !

Bumaitre from Romania on 16/Jun/2021

Minimalist FLAC Player   ★★★★★

Swtiched from PC to Mac and needed something to replace Foobar to play FLAC files with proper sample rate output. This is it. Simple, clean, doesn't hog resources and with good support from the developer. Exactly what I was looking for without all the extra frills from subscription based players.

Joebobbillyfrank from Canada on 14/Jun/2021

Version 2 is out and sound is still OK   ★★★★☆

Long awaited version 2 is out and works fine on Big Sur. You may have troubles on sandbox and stealth mode-relating issues if your OS is still 10.14, but those will be fixed sooner or later. Sound is still fine with improved UI. Automatic sampling-rate switcher and RAM disk make listening experience even better. CPU usage is quite low, usually 3 ~ 4%. Use of RAM disk with low CPU usage could keep my mac totally silent.

h-okudera from Japan on 09/Jun/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi Okudera, Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

Much more stable!   ★★★★☆

Hopefully developer will add more features to make it a real killer app. 1) Current new versions is much more stable ! 2) Any plans to go a step further? I miss search on meta data and overview of the catalog with album graphics, 3) If Colibri manifests itself as a HiFi audio player another nice feature is to import room equaliser files created with REW to a Colibri parametric equaliser, 4) Maybe implement some clickable parts like artists name which opens a wiki or album page (compete with Roon), 5) Add some eye candy like Stereo VU meters in Analog or Led format, 6) Implement an export feature to export specific albums from FLAC to ALAC directly to your iPhone / iPad, 7) Create a Colibri mobile app to control main or multiple Colibri's and import songs from main Colibri to iDevices.

victoire22 from Netherlands on 07/Jun/2021

Developer Response (09/Jun/2021)

Hi! Thanks for updating the review and taking the time to write these suggestions! Almost half of your points are already in the works and I'll be sure to consider the other half as well. Cheers, Gabor

Just Perfect   ★★★★★

A must have app for Mac audiofiles

Deez Batman from Russia on 07/Jun/2021

Developer Response (09/Jun/2021)

Hi! Thanks for updating your review, let me know if anything else comes up. Cheers, Gabor

Best way to play MOD/MIDIs   ★★★★★

App is continuously getting better, while other MIDI players are aging badly or stupided down beyond usable.

Chajzo from Switzerland on 07/Jun/2021

Great HiFi Bitperfect Player   ★★★★★

I would like to thank developer for this great piece of software. Great musical performance with edge tech packed inside: BS2B for Headphone, Full integration with macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon M1, ultralow CPU usage, RamDisk, Flawless reproduction of DSD files... at a incredibly low price. In a world of hifi software moving to yearly subscriptions I would like to thank you for this!

kiccolsd from Italy on 06/Jun/2021

Keeps crashing   ★☆☆☆☆

Keeps crashing and will not reopen for ages after. Can this be fixed? Beautiful player otherwise.

Electronicaz from United Kingdom on 03/Jun/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Update is out! EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi Electronicaz, Yes, the update finishes testing this weekend and I hope to release it shortly after! Please also consider updating your review when the update is out - if need be, I can also be contacted directly via Cheers, Gabor

Not usable anymore   ★☆☆☆☆

I like this little App but it is not usable anymore. It always crashes on startup. I think an OS update has caused this. An update by the developers would be appreciated

Kathares from Germany on 30/May/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is now live, please consider updating your review if it is to your liking! Cheers, Gabor Hi! The update is now under testing and will be out in the following days. Cheers, Gabor

Perpetually Waiting For An Update   ★★☆☆☆

Gabor needs to release a software update for Calibri NOW. His blog is filled with long stories about how he needs perfection for this or that feature before he can release the next version, but I've been waiting for well over a year and am fed up with the delays. Colibri crashes (and has done so from Day 1) when dragging a folder of audio files into it under Catalina. This is inexcusable. Colibri has promise, so it gets an extra star for this review. But it fails miserably in its most basic function, loading audio files, and the delay in releasing an update in OVER A YEAR really makes me wonder if Gabor has any sense of customer needs. I work as a Product Owner for a software team, and can say this is a FAIL for software development. As a one-man operation it should be easy to implement an agile development process, but apparently Perfection (at the expense of small, useful releases) is mandatory. Rethink that and you'll have much happier customers. PLEASE RELEASE A NEW VERSION NOW!!!! Thank you.

Anon768aqwzt from United States on 25/May/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: the update is now out! EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi Anon, I understand your anger with me on how long the rewrite takes. With the Devblog I intended to be transparent about the progress, not to make up stories or excuses, for what it’s worth. The update is in the testing phase now and I’ll put up a post once it has been handed over to Apple. Sorry for the delay, it will be out as fast as I can release it. Cheers, Gabor

The best hi res player for mac, period   ★★★★★

If you don't want to pay subscriptions or spend unnecessary amount of money, don't look further. I used to use Vox until today, I thought it was the best free hi res player for mac but turns out it's definitely not. It's buggy, heavy, itunes dependent for mp3 and manage a hi res album collection sucks. So I deciced to buy Colibri and it's simply perfect! Just 4,99, which nowaday it's nothing, for a really fine piece of software. Simple, clean, light, totally customizable and most importantly it sound awesome! Playback quality is top notch, especially for hi res files, my flac colelction now sounds like never before. Don't spend money on anything else, trust me. Thanks Gabor, you are one of the good ones, awesome job!

Giostrante from Germany on 21/May/2021

Developer Response (23/May/2021)

Hi Giostrante, Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I personally guarantee that the core concept of Colibri will never change and I'm going to keep working on it for many years to come! 🙂 Please look forward to version 2.0 which is now in the testing phase - it will bring some cool new features and a plethora of bug fixes. It has been in development for a ridiculously long time, I know - but the wait will be worth it. Cheers and stay safe, Gabor

Plays DSD on my ifi DAC perfectly   ★★★★★

Was looking for a way to play DSD tracks.. finally found this. Works prefectly. Thanks!

Hanslimo from India on 13/May/2021

Developer Response (23/May/2021)

Hi Hanslimo, Thanks so much for the kind words and support! Cheers and stay safe, Gabor

Keeps crashing...   ★☆☆☆☆

I really want to like this but it just isn't ready. If you try to import a playlist (which you have to unless you want to manually add tracks to play like a cave man) it either crashes or asks permission for every single file in the playlist (it expects you to navigate to each file as well) a few times and *then* crashes. If you have more than a few files on there it takes forever (many minutes) to load - every time. I've tried it on clean installs of Catalina and Mojave and it just keeps crashing. It does play nicely and uses very little resources. I like the developer's ethos and would happily pay quite a bit more *if it worked*.

AppleID Fastmail from Australia on 03/May/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: the update is now out! EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi! Sorry to hear about your troubles, please look forward to the update as it should solve these issues. I know it’s been a long time - I try to be transparent about the progress over at the Devblog ( and sadly I still need a bit more time to get everything polished up. Aside from this I have full Library support planned for the next release as I understand many of you would like that, so that is also on the horizon. Cheers, Gabor

Great app with massive stability issues   ★☆☆☆☆

I (try to) use it on Big Sur 11.2.3. The app works great at super quality, but it crashes every 30 minutes. Really poor.

StefanRied from Germany on 19/Apr/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT#3: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT #2: The update is now out! EDIT: Thanks for reaching out via email and giving me a second chance, I hope to live up to the expectations - looking forward to your review when the update is out! 🙂 Hi! Sorry to hear this, you might’ve found a bug I’ve yet to fix - please contact me via so that I can look into it. In the meantime please look forward to the update - of which progress reports are available at Cheers, Gabor

Great app , but!!!   ★★★★☆

As a newcomer a (windows/Linux user) to the whole Macintosh scene , i was looking for an app which can do most of the same things that my trusty Foobar player could do on my main pc. Well this will definitely will do the trick, however when you exit the application on the M1 Macbook air , the app keeps running in memory , and the icon also doesn't appear on the dock bar itself, but i guess that will be fixed, in the M1 version of this app. One downpoint is that the app theme doesn't switch with the light and darkmode of mac os , maybe that could be added ? but for the price it's worth it definitely ! 4 out of 5 happy stars!!

Metallize53 from Ireland on 13/Apr/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi!  The update is now out 🙂 EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

Nice Player   ★★★★☆

***Update: Developer promised solution -- two months later, still nothing *** Colibri works well for me, a bitperfect player that just does what it should. One problem I have though, avery time a file from a new folder starts playing, a window opens called "sandbox" asking for permission to load the cover. I gave Colibri full filesystem access in security but still that windows comes up. Distracting.

Thom Ecliptic from Switzerland on 11/Apr/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Update #3: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Update #2: The update is now out! Update: Hi again! Sorry it takes so long, I’m doing my best but it still needs a bit more time - I do try to be transparent about it and post progress report over at the Devblog on the website. Please bear with me! *** Hi Thom! Please look forward to the update in the following days as it will fix this issue. Cheers, Gabor

Okay-ish   ★★★☆☆

Needs an integration with the OS. It does not show up under "whats currently playing" and does not respond to media keys.

Drummeriin from Poland on 04/Apr/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi Drummeriin, Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

Great sound and easy to use   ★★★★★

This small, simple music player app sounds great and has a nice, easy-to-use feature set (which you can completely ignore if you wish). Colibri does not require you to load a library. Instead, you move a music track or an album folder into the app’s playlist window, click the “play” button, and start listening. In my stereo system, Colibri’s sound pleases with its overall clarity and separation of different instrumental and vocal lines. The music has good body and texture and excellent micro dynamics, especially in its nuanced presentation of instrumental and vocal attack, bloom and decay. This is very good sound, which can be customized using some of the app’s features, including a simple equalizer and special settings for more realistic headphone listening. There’s no manual yet, but basic control features are intuitive and easy to use, and so are the more advanced options in the app’s “preferences.” If you have trouble with the details, customer support from Gabor is outstanding. Like the world-famous “Roon” player, Colibri claims to offer bit-perfect playback of digital files. Unlike Roon, Colibri costs less than a mocha latte at your local coffeeshop. Overall, the app’s sound, low cost, and ease of use make it an easy choice for music lovers and critical listeners on a budget.

T.C. Dandy from United States on 26/Mar/2021

Does what promises, and very well   ★★★★★

Colibri is a great app for quick music playback or hight quality audio listening without gaps in between songs. Provides lot of customizations from UI to sound processing settings. Everything is quick and responsive, compared to the sluggish that comes with macOS. However if you are seeking an app to manage your large music library, Colibri might not be for you.

Peter Urgoš from Slovakia on 22/Mar/2021

Pretty dang great.   ★★★★★

The fidelity is great, as good as more pricey alternatives. I gotta give it 5 stars. Highly customizable, Colibri gives the user a great number of options for its beautiful appearance, usability, and performance. Besides the options for built-in app elements there is no shortage of easily managed themes/skins from the developer and users. If ever I wanted to give 4 instead of 5 stars it is Colibri. Not because it's not 5 star (it is!) but because I think it will become more developed than most apps are, and so I expect to Colibri to make significant gains along its development path. The developer is very attuned to users' needs/wants and is very transparent about the development - super prompt replies, his DevBlog. If I could do so I might take away a half star for lack of a library. But then again, I might not since the way I use Colibri has no need of a library. I just know many folks would want it.

TimLance from United States on 22/Mar/2021

Developer Response (22/Mar/2021)

Hey Tim! Thanks for the kind words, Library support is high on the to-do list for the future! Stay tuned. Cheers, Gábor

Works   ★★★★★

Works well with Big Sur, Cylance AV targets it immediately as a false positive. Works well after whitelist.

bigelowdeuce from United States on 18/Mar/2021

Developer Response (23/Mar/2021)

Edit: thanks for the update! Hi Lordchristiano, Sorry to hear this, please contact me via so that I can help! Cheers, Gabor

Great player for high-res audio file   ★★★★★

Colibri is a great app for playing high-res files via an external (USB) DAC while preserving audio quality. I appreciate its extremely low CPU & battery usage.

Miroslav Bajtoš from Czech Republic on 17/Mar/2021

Fantastic, uncluttered app   ★★★★★

This is my go-to app for playing lossless hi-resolution audio. It barely uses any CPU and the uncluttered interface is a welcome throwback to simpler times.

existentialmutt from United States on 14/Mar/2021

Actual audiohile player   ★★★★★

Great value! I was surprised by the improved playback quality over every oher free or cheap player I have tried. Also, custumizable and with great usabilty. Strongly recommended!

R___. from Portugal on 14/Mar/2021

Great player !   ★★★★★

I was searching for an app that would play DSD files from a macbook pro, and came across Colibri. It does an exellent job with DSD128 DoP to my main system and headphone amp. Looking forward to trying DSD256 DoP. It also does a fine job making WAV files sound even better. It's free, easy to use, designed by someone that is passionate about good quality music, and, the support is outstanding ! This project is creative and thoughtful and i feel certain that it's only going to get better ! Thank you Gabor , for Colibri, and the steller support.

Uncle fester 999 from United States on 23/Feb/2021

Developer Response (24/Feb/2021)

Hi Uncle Fester, Thank you so much for the kind words! Please look forward to the update, it will add per-device configuration possibilities as well 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

Cue sheets stopped working   ★★★☆☆

Suddenly cue sheets stopped opening App is crashing. And sandbox prompts are awful!

Serg_0123 from Russia on 21/Feb/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: The update is now out, it should fix the crash and the sandbox prompts should also disappear 🙂 Hi! Sorry to hear about this, could you send me an email to so that I can help? The sandbox prompts are fixed in the update, please look forward to it! Cheers, Gabor

Great Lossless and Hi-Res Player   ★★★★☆

So far it does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. Played everything I have thrown at it. You add your files to the playlist like Pine Player, but unlike that app, it honours the bitrate and frequency of the original file when output to an external DAC/Receiver. I am outputting to a Marantz receiver an can display the bitrate/frequency of the file being played correctly. It will leave the bitrate/frequency as that of the last file played in Midi settings so if you go and use another app afterwards ( like iTunes or Music ) you will have to adjust manually but that's a side note and really not the player's fault. Themes available to download to adjust UI. Only issue I have come across is despite the setting, it does not autoplay on Big Sur, but this is a minor gripe. Definitely worth it's 4/5 stars and support so far is excellent.

Airsculpture from Canada on 18/Feb/2021

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Update is out now! Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback, please look forward to the upcoming update as it addresses the autoplay issue. Your sidenote is on the to-do list as well 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

Léger et efficace !   ★★★★★

Super lecteur audio, simple, efficace, extrêmement léger. Le dev est au taquet, c'est déjà très propre, mais il rajoute petit à petit des fonctionnalités en restant fidèle à la philosophie de son app.

romledodu from France on 15/Feb/2021

Developer Response (17/Feb/2021)

Merci beaucoup! 🙂

Superb sound, somewhat outdated code.   ★★★★☆

This app really works well, its basics are rock solid. It extracts much better sound from high quality media files (compared to stock apps) even though I am using the same speakers/headphones. I dig the minimal litheness of this app and the fact that it does not track my behavior. Requested improvements: In Big Sur, the design is a bit off. Being able to read from the Music app library is a necessary improvement. Happy to support the development more if possible.

icalc from United States on 13/Feb/2021

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Update is out now! Hi! Thanks for the kind words, the Big Sur UI problem will be fixed in the next update - please look forward to it! Colibri will have Library support, but it will be added at a later point in time. Currently, it is a “simple” single-playlist/Folder-based player - but many have requested Library support, so I’ll work on that once the update is out! Cheers, Gabor

Won't open on Big Sur   ★★★★☆

I was happy with Colibri. But since Big Sur has come along, it doesn't open any more. I wonder if it works for anyone else?

DeclanOB from Italy on 02/Feb/2021

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Update is out now! Hi! Sorry to hear that! Please send me an email to so that I can help 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

So Far, So Good!   ★★★★★

I'm a recent convert from Foobar2000, as I just got a new Mac, and I was suprised to see so many lossless players have adopted a subscription-based model for their applications. I don't mind paying for an app but I would like to feel that I own the program I have purchased and I would prefer for it to not be a large percentage of what I paid for my Mac Mini. All that being said, I am running Colibri on a new Mac Mini M1, in January 2021, on Big Sur no less, and the app works very well. The GUI is very basic, but responsive, and so far the app interfaces very nicely with my Benchmark DAC 3. In the future it would be nice to have the album art be slightly more prominent, and to lock the volume control at 100% when using an external DAC/pre-amp with volume control (maybe allow the user to toggle, maybe it's already there?). For what appears to be a one-person operation this is a fantastic app and well worth one's consideration.

s_alvanip from United States on 30/Jan/2021

Developer Response (01/Feb/2021)

Hi s_alvanip, Thanks so much for the kind words, they really do mean a lot and keep me pushing forward. Yes, I'm doing this alone in (all of) my free time as a labor of love and am glad to hear you enjoy using Colibri! I can personally guarantee that Colibri will never adopt the subscription format, it will remain a one-time purchase that you own, with free lifetime updates and no in-app purchases. The current version only uses signal bypass when playing DSD files in DoP/DoPA data sending modes. I'm finishing up a pretty big update which will allow signal bypass on a per-device basis and for 'regular' PCM output as well, along with separate volume controls for device volume and Colibri mixer output, respectively. Let me know if anything else comes up and please look forward to the update! Cheers, Gabor

Colibri se cerró inesperadamente.   ★☆☆☆☆

Si tuviera que resumir mi experiencia con este reproductor, sería con la frase "Colibri se cerró inesperadamente", ya es rutinario tener que cerrarla, esperar, abrir y esperar a que funcione, un asco, no recomiendo

Gabriel Montofré from Chile on 09/Jan/2021

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hola Gabriel, Lo siento mucho, un update saldra dentro de poco que contiene una aquitectura nueva. Espero que el update corrija estos problemas. ¡Gracias por la paciencia! Saludos, Gabor

Great simple player   ★★★★★

Everything is very nice. Natively play DSD file through my dac. Very good support reply quickly. very detailed information on website.

Dangg2 from Thailand on 01/Jan/2021

Perfect !   ★★★★★

Can automatically switch sampling rate, Good Job !

哲学丿家 from China on 07/Dec/2020

Developer Response (01/Feb/2021)

Thank you so much! 🙂

Great player   ★★★★☆

I have paid for colibri today and after exploring it a bit I have to say that I am very happy with it. Many hi res players I have tried would not allow bluetooth on the mac. This one does, and this is a huge plus for me. The music plays flawlessly and the user interface is actually very pretty. There is still plenty I am discovering and I am not seeing how to get the album art on the screen. I hope the developers continue the amazing work they have done as for myself, i think this one has the capacity to become one of the best players around. I am already loving it. Sound is great and plays a variety of files including dsf, although not iso’s. Maybe this would be asking for too much but who knows, maybe an idea for a later update or something to come at a later stage 😉 hehe Thanks guys, now i just need to check how to get album art Keep it up, great stuff

Zuuyü from United Kingdom on 04/Dec/2020

Потрескивание   ★★★★★

При прослушивании часто слышно потрескиванием,для сравнения допустим в Foobar2000 этого нет.Вопрос как исправить это в Colibri.

VIOLENT67 from Russia on 01/Dec/2020

Good for the audiophiles   ★★★★★

Simple interface. Will play music in its full richness on a good audio rig. Pure DSD is played with plenty of detail, texture and tonality. I started hunting for more DSD and FLAC downloads for my music collection.

Valer48 from Russia on 15/Nov/2020

Great   ★★★★☆

For the most part (like 98%), the program works flawlessly, great sound quality and seems to handle just about any type of audio file I throw at it. Having the player accessible from my top bar is also great. However, I had to disable the album art feature, because of that annoying window that would pop up asking for the folder in which the audio file was located everytime I started a new track from Finder. I get the feeling its not entirely the dev's fault, might be a restriction placed on apps from the App Store, but it was an extra window to click out of.

Binkdee from United States on 16/Oct/2020

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Update is out now! Hi! Please look forward to the next update, I have found a way to make album art discovery work properly without annoying the user 🙂 It still needs some work, but I'm making progress and hope to release this long-awaited update soon. Cheers, Gabor

Proper player with DSD support   ★★★★★

Using this player for hi-res content with my DSD capable USB-DAC. Works fine and indeed has a low memory footprint (unlike some other DSD capable players). Have not experienced any crashes (as seen in other reviews). This has probably been fixed some time ago.

pvanderp from Netherlands on 07/Sep/2020

F A N T A S T I C   ★★★★★

I've been using this application for years. It is versatile, complete and highly professional. I use it in particular for streaming my Flacs and mp3s. It is perfect and I could not expect better. Full 5 stars.

PeterPrism from Italy on 22/Aug/2020

A curiosity buy   ★★★★★

I bought it out of curiosity and because it seems good audio apps are hard to find as its becoming normal to stream. I like the interface and think it does well as a player. It does lack library management but thats ok. It wont replace my main player yet.

Kelraith from United States on 22/Aug/2020

BLOWN AWAY!   ★★★★★

I rarely do audio reviews but we gotta give when credit is due, Brought back the simple interface, simple adjustment, simple integration...defines LESS IS MORE! This is coming from a guy who uses audirvana, roon, izotope and other audio interface Colibri is on my top 3 Thank you!

laidbackmfest from United States on 11/Aug/2020

Nagyon megéri!   ★★★★★

Kellemes program, ami a DSD DAC-ot is kezeli. Mind ezt baráti áron. A DAC-ot érdemes a fejlesztő által készített teszter programmal is kipróbálni, hogy valóban együtt működnek-e. Big Sur esetén a csúszka nagy része nem látszik, csak a teteje. A magyar nyelv hasznos volna.

Somogyi András from Hungary on 08/Aug/2020

Developer Response (09/Aug/2020)

Szia! Köszi szépen a visszajelzést, a Big Sur problémákon dolgozom illetve a magyar mellett egyéb nyelvek támogatása is folyamatban. Üdv, Gábor

Так себе   ★★★☆☆

Звучит средненько, ничем не удивил. Интерфейс не перегружен.

squirr64 from Russia on 06/Aug/2020

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes!

Nice Little App   ★★★★★

Was looking for something to allow me to play some DSD files through my Arcam IRDacII. This works great for me on my Imac Catalina, nice UI and great functionality. Had some questions about the app and Gabor got back to in less than a day, awesome support.

Tedkaz from United States on 01/Aug/2020

Fantastic player   ★★★★★

I was looking for a player to plug my Macbook to the Chord Mojo DAC and play DSD files through DoP. Works perfectly. Great job.

errupin from Spain on 28/Jul/2020

AIrpods   ★☆☆☆☆

Does not have airpods support. cant skip tracks or even pause

seyitliyev from United States on 26/Jul/2020

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi dayanchas, I’ll look into this. EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Cheers, Gabor

Great audio quality   ★★★★★

I have been looking for something similar to Foobar for at least 3 years. I've tried sticking with ALAC iTunes, Clementine, VOX, QuodLibet and some others. There was always something not working for me with these apps. My latest love was Audacious with its great sound. However, it's so hard to get it work on Mac. Gosh! Enter Colibri! I've finally found a simple straigforward music player that has a great sound quality and does not impose a format or constantly naggs for a subscription. Thank you so much!

Alex Kudashkin from Canada on 19/Jul/2020

Approved.   ★★★★★

Recommended for everyone who know exactly what is going on. You can listen your favorite music and without iTunes. 🙂 Audio Engineering Feauters makes this player tptally worh your attention and money.

Hqqkgf from Poland on 15/Jul/2020

4.5-4.7 Stars…. Hopefuly a 5 soon (Crash & no “Rating")   ★★★★☆

Okay… so Sound Quality… placebo effect? I feel good, really good. I did not test extensively, on multiple speakers, etc… though, I am dubious, did an A/B with IINA, all settings (EQ disabled)… Aersomith’s Track 1 on “Pump”… the bass - was ‘alive’ *feeling*…. The mix… was a mix, not a digital feeling *empty* (?) or STERILE… that’s a better word… Colibri feels alive, good, and with my CD AccurateRip FLAC collection I feel good for now… not disappointed. In fact, I’m actually feeling the music, mixes, … which has been difficult with compressed lossy online versions (I have not had access to my lossless audoi collection until recently… CONS (Maybe, until I found a solution… and DEV! - Large folders crash (or Sierra + ~80 GB folder crashed a few times… even after uninstall via Appcleaner + Reinstall… so, I’m listening to one album right now (which worked, and, Two Thumbs up… P.s. it might be my OS X/otherwise… Will send report… -Ratings… This sounds so good that I am bothered by the fact that I can’t give some sort of indication in the metadata/ratings/// (ideally cross-platform) (or Last.FM-ish information) that I dug a song… Dev, I love you, please incorporate cross-platform/furture-proofing open-source-ish related options… $5… $5 is a no-duh-brainer… I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a 20x $5 no-brainer at some point in time… maybe even a 200x no-brainer at-some-point if dev keeps up with this direction, quality, feel … yeah *FEEL* energy, … as an artist nothing is more important than the energy, connection, etc…. and this is exciting (after iTunes, Quod Libet, Clementine, Vox (really, subscription for EQ and bis features?), Swinsian (tried once then found this for $25 less, VLC, IIna… the osund on this… for $5? I’ll put up crashes every once in a while if i have to… though, if it ruins a mood, vibe, when I need it to… I’ll be back… and, if it works well after I play nice with it and finesse my library folders.. (smaller file imports on my current 10.12 (and, TBH after a LOT of recent installs and uninstalls recently (App Store, Homebrew, system changes, system/terminal permission OOPS moments), er go, maybe I have a messy file system that’s messed up until I fresh install OS X)).. I’m probably going to be back for a 5-star… I can’t complain about the Rating system for $5… I’d pay another $5 (and I have no money right now…) for Ratings + some metadata/open-source/otherintegrations/future proofing options… So many judos… I’ve had this pap less than a day, slept after the first listen… troubleshot the crashes earlier… and am listening to Buddy Guy AccurateRipped (XLD), got my stank face on (that Tone… the sound… it feels alive… there’s the stank face again.. 3x)… phew.. Is it getting hot in here? Serious, this is what I miss. Please don’t stop developping this app. Or open source it… or whatever you do, don’t let it die. So many thanks, kudos, and thumbs up. <3 You can’t replace vibes, inspiration, creativity, and connection. Buddy Guy is right here.

Cabana Bob from United States on 09/Jun/2020

Developer Response (16/Jun/2020)

Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words 🙂 I will never abandon Colibri, it is my main hobby and passion project so rest assured that the future is safe. Please look forward to the next update, it is a massive rewrite of the architecture to make Colibri more stable. Cheers, Gábor

Sehr zufrieden - Very satisfied.   ★★★★★

Good job! Tried a few players. This one convinced me in the end. What more can you mill - especially for the few marks? Many thanks to the developer and I hope that the app "survives" all further Mac OS updates. // Guter Job! Habe einige Player probiert. Dieser hat mich am Ende überzeugt. Was mill man mehr - zumal für die paar Mark? Vielen Dank an den Entwickler und ich hoffe, dass die App alle weiteren Mac OS - Updates "überlebt".

Bills.For.Ever. from Germany on 02/Jun/2020

Useless   ★☆☆☆☆

No find command, no way to edit metadata. All it will do is play music that you have managed to catalogue and find in another application.

haroldbasset from Canada on 27/May/2020

Swift way to appreciate your lossless music   ★★★★★

I'd been looking for a native lossless music player for Mac OS. After trying a number of offerings, I've finally found Colibri...bliss! I now have a much better listening experience, that is closer to the music without having to worry about processing overheads. The proof of pudding is 'putting my money where my mouth is' to support a very helpful developer who innately shows his passion for supporting listeners like myself enjoy music. Great job Gábor and thank you.

Flyingpancake! from United Kingdom on 21/May/2020

Propre   ★★★★★

lecteur extrêmement bien controlé bien détaillés précis Superbe travail des développeurs vaut largement son prix acheter les yeux fermés

evoluzione57 from France on 18/May/2020

Good application   ★★★★☆

Needs ISO support

Alex Iln from United States on 08/May/2020

best alternative for VOX   ★★★★★

Topic says all. Iam using colibri for years and iam happy with it. I need no cloud and monthy payments, i want only listen my local Music an that does colibri perfect

ol-ko 319 from Germany on 04/May/2020

it take so loing to load then crashes   ★★☆☆☆

it is a nice sound if it works i like the player but it has so many issues , it takes so long to open then crashes when you add files by draging the file from finder then you have to wait so long again to load then freezes , then you try and clear what you add after few attempt then will not respond to your commands , it is not acceptable it takes the enjoyment away , you pay for it £5 but is not worth that either , vox is free and works smoothly and no issues , do not waste your time or money unless the developer sort it out

dr hifi from United Kingdom on 29/Apr/2020

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is out now! Hi! Thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear your troubles! I’m doing an architectural rewrite to better suit Catalina (and CoreAudio) - please look forward to the next update (within a few weeks). Cheers, Gabor

Straight-forward and does the job really well.   ★★★★★

This is a great little player. No fuss, does the job and has minimal impact on your system. It is compatible on my Mac with a number of DAC/amps, including the iBasso DX80 and Chord's audiophile piece of genius, the Mojo. I haven't tested it with DSD yet, but Colibri will easily play PCM at any sample/bit rate, directly sending a bit-perfect audio stream to your DAC via USB. One suggestion: I had to go into the Mac preferences in order to create a right-click option to play my music files in Colibri. An automatic addition (like Vox has) could be a good idea for future customers. Great wee player.

SP-1970 from United States on 21/Apr/2020

still no any fixes   ★☆☆☆☆

player has a lot of settings and flac songs plays better than on for example VOX player, but it is full of bugs, slow, and sometimes can unexpectedly crashed while opening some library. I was shoked that player selling by google advertisments. Please FIX common bugs first then sell it activelly.

begin29 from Ukraine on 17/Apr/2020

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is out now! Hi Begin29, Thanks for your feedback! Colibri is completely rewritten from the ground-up to use a new architecture that seems to have fixed the stability bugs you're describing - so please look forward to the next update! If you would like a refund for Colibri, please follow these steps: - Cheers and stay safe, Gabor

Killer Potential   ★★★★☆

I've been using for several months now and I'm blown away with the sound quality. I don't know how he did it but i can't get over how good it sounds. Includes wonderful features for tailoring the sound to your preference. If there's anything i can say it really needs is better library functionality and fix the song sequencing in the album lists. at this time there is only playlist functionality and once that is fixed, this will be a great replacement for iTunes or a myriad of other music apps for the Mac.

Orod2905 from United States on 15/Apr/2020

Developer Response (16/Apr/2020)

Hi! Please look forward to the next update as the sorting issue will be fixed in the new version. I’m also working on library support, but it probably won’t be in the next update as it needs quite a bit of time to get it done right 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

cue probléma   ★★★★☆

Kiváló program! Gratulálok! Eddig ugy állítottam be a programot h a kilépéskor törölje a playlistet. Ezidáig minden rendben ment, mindaddig amig olyan könyvtárat töltöttem be ahol egy dsd vagy dff fileban van az egész lemez és cue file alapján írja ki a cimeket. ilyenkor azonnal kilép a program. Van olyan mappa amiből rendesen kiolvassa a cimeket, de nagy átlagban (70%) nem igy van.

apamgapa from Hungary on 06/Apr/2020

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

Üdv! Elérhető a 2.0-ás verzió, remélhetőleg javítja a fent említett gondokat 🙂

Tremendous bargain compared to other bit-perfect players   ★★★★★

Colibri is a breath of fresh air in a world of overpriced "audiophile" audio players. It's a one-time, inexpensive purchase and it works very well. There is no monthly subscription, no in-app ads nonsense, and there are no in-app-purchases to unlock features.

Sissy.Princess from United States on 02/Apr/2020

Does the job   ★★★★☆

Works fast importing large library. it is just missing the search capability ( cost : 1 star )

Fwfw from France on 29/Mar/2020

Developer Response (17/Apr/2020)

Hi Fwfw, it's on the to-do list, so it will be available in the near future 🙂

Cool player!   ★★★★★

If you are looking for a lossless hi-res player for mac, just buy it!

Greemtea from Canada on 29/Mar/2020

Constantly crashes   ★☆☆☆☆

Are use VOX, J River media center without any issues. I really want to like this program but it's just constantly crashes, it's pointless to even try to use. If this program is ever made stable I will happily use it.

Blackbery-12 from United States on 18/Mar/2020

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: The update is now out! Hi Blackbery-12, please look forward to the next update!

Nice Player   ★★★★☆

Nice app with cool color customization options. Has all the features regarding sound I could ever wish for. It would definitly be my go-to player for listening to music every day, if it only had support.

Wolperting3r from Germany on 12/Mar/2020

Developer Response (17/Apr/2020)

Hi Wolperting3r, I get support requests a lot, so I will look into this! Cheers, Gabor

Muy buena pero...   ★★★★☆

La aplicación funciona muy bien! Es estable, las opciones de configuración son excelentes y se comporta de maravillas en conjunto con un DAC, pero... por favor! Actualicen el diseño! Está muy quedada en el tiempo! De todas las que probé es la más fea. La voy a seguir usando porque es muy buena, pero no dejen de prestar atención al diseño. Hagan que parezca una app para Mac del 2020! Muchas gracias.

bhandres from Argentina on 28/Feb/2020

No funciona   ★☆☆☆☆

Se abre y cierra permananentemente. Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: 0 gaborhargitai.colibri 0x000000010826c5f8 0x10821e000 + 321016 1 gaborhargitai.colibri 0x000000010827999f 0x10821e000 + 375199 2 gaborhargitai.colibri 0x000000010828a66b 0x10821e000 + 444011 3 0x00007fff780171cb -[NSViewController _sendViewDidLoad] + 97 4 0x00007fff7a4d5709 -[NSSet makeObjectsPerformSelector:] + 217 5 0x00007fff77f95836 -[NSIBObjectData nibInstantiateWithOwner:options:topLevelObjects:] + 1389 6 0x00007fff7809e3ca -[NSNib _instantiateNibWithExternalNameTable:options:] + 696 7 0x00007fff7809dffe -[NSNib _instantiateWithOwner:options:topLevelObjects:] + 143 8 0x00007fff7809d1f6 -[NSViewController loadView] + 272 9 0x00007fff7800dae6 -[NSViewController _loadViewIfRequired] + 75 10 0x00007fff7800da51 -[NSViewController view] + 30 11 0x00007fff781a5676 -[NSWindow _contentViewControllerChanged] + 109 12 0x00007fff7bf16b11 -[NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) setValue:forKey:] + 329 13 0x00007fff781ed9aa -[NSWindow setValue:forKey:] + 112 14 0x00007fff781ed904 -[NSIBUserDefinedRuntimeAttributesConnector establishConnection] + 694 15 0x00007fff77f957cd -[NSIBObjectData nibInstantiateWithOwner:options:topLevelObjects:] + 1284 16 0x00007fff7809e3ca -[NSNib _instantiateNibWithExternalNameTable:options:] + 696 17 0x00007fff7809dffe -[NSNib _instantiateWithOwner:options:topLevelObjects:] + 143 18 0x00007fff787c194a -[NSStoryboard instantiateControllerWithIdentifier:] + 234 19 0x00007fff77f86bf5 NSApplicationMain + 780 20 gaborhargitai.colibri 0x0000000108220749 0x10821e000 + 10057 21 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff8fcd8235 start + 1

Fatezas from Spain on 18/Feb/2020

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi! The update is now out, it should fix this issue! Cheers, Gabor

Excelent!   ★★★★★

Simple user interface but a very competent player managing even the complex DSD format. Very recomended!

Mojo: from Slovakia on 03/Feb/2020

No Support for   ★★☆☆☆

Music player using BASS Libraries and no support for scrobbling.

BjørnHeimdall from Turkey on 29/Jan/2020

Ja musiikki raikaa   ★★★★★

Toimii moitteettomasti. Olisin toivonut, että tässä olisi ohjelman sisällä musiikkikatalogi, jossa olisi musiikit järjestetty genreittäin, artistein ja ja albumein, mutta toimii tämä näinkin, että vetää Finderista musiikkikansion Dockissa olevaan Colibri ikoniin. En viitsi tuosta puutteesta rokottaa pisteitä.

kuuraketti from Finland on 19/Jan/2020

No luce igual que en App Store   ★★★★☆

La apariencia que se muestra en App Store, no es la misma que la del reproductor real, o, al menos, no logro encontrar las opciones de ecualizador o que muestre la portada del disco.

toñese from Chile on 10/Jan/2020

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Ya está disponible la nueva versión 2.0 Editeado: por favor asegurate que tengas la versión más reciente (1.9.1). El ecualizador (icon que representa tres controles deslizantas) está situada a la izquierda del botón de opciones (icon que representa una rueda dentada, en la parte superior derecha de la app). Para que muestre la portada del disco, debes ir al Preferences -> Display -> Show Album Art y cuando te pide Sandbox Access durante reproducción, por favor dile derechos con la ayuda de la ventana que aparace. Si tienes preguntas o si no te funciona entonces escribeme por favor: ---- Querido toñese, gracias por la reseña! Estoy desarrollando el equalizador y lo voy a incluir en una actualización que viene.

Good player but looks not so nice   ★★★★☆

Please bring in a good designer to polish the interface of the app, and change this ugly app icon. I would also like more comfortable settings and especially theme editor.

dmgdrum from Russia on 09/Jan/2020

Great for high res, DSD and bitperfect playback   ★★★★★

For use with external devices (USB DAC), easy to send bitperfect (not upsampled, not downsampled) data. Changes sample rate automatically – see audio midi setup / core audio. Minimalist yet all functionality / information is there!

enregistree from Czech Republic on 18/Dec/2019

Great player   ★★★★★

Has all features for high quality playback. Some minor suggestions: - more customization for themes (fonts, the size of album art, playback buttons) - metadata info editor from Ukraine on 17/Dec/2019

Developer Response (18/Dec/2019)

Hi! Thanks for the kind words and feedback, I'll try and add better customization in the following updates - will also investigate metadata editing at a later stage 🙂 Cheers, Gabor

Some UI to do but ok   ★★★☆☆

I tought that will let me search in the playlist but no... so you better drag n drop the folders you want to listen because if you are like me, the playlist will be very long and finding what you want is not easy. Also, sorting on the Track number column (default hidden) end with this order : 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4 and not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

rveur23 from Canada on 16/Dec/2019

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Update is now out! Hi! Thanks for your feedback, I’ll definitely work on these in the upcoming update! Cheers, Gabor

Excellent Sound Quality   ★★★★★

After hunting and downloading as well as wasting money on a ton of different music apps, I found this. It's not too overly simplistic, which I like because I love to tweak my sound setting OFTEN, but it's not difficult to use either. Also, I really enjoy the theme options....itunes is boaring and plain.

TnTeamClear from United States on 15/Dec/2019

Perfect   ★★★★★

No complaints, never crashes, simple, looks great, sounds great and seamlessly recognises my external headphone amp. For me it ticks all my boxes if you don't want iTunes its perfect. Long term fan of Foobar 2000 this is my replacement.

BournFr3 from United Kingdom on 25/Nov/2019

problem   ★★★★★

The software has problems in the latest MAC system.

hhhhhhh1233333 from China on 22/Nov/2019

Developer Response (23/Nov/2019)

Hi hhhhhhh1233333, Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into this and fix it in the next update! 🙂

音质至上   ★★★★★


大清朝 from China on 22/Nov/2019

Perfect audio player / DAC combo   ★★★★★

After using a few other players (Voz, Clementine, AudioNirvana) I decided to give Colibri a try, and I'm blown away. I extracted all my audio collection to FLAC from original CDs a while ago, and I own a bunch of DSD files and some K2HD CDs that I have bought over time. The sofware was paired with a FiiO Q5s DAC/AMP and Sennheiser HD660s open back headphones, and I was pretty much blown away with the quality that came out of that setup. It's been pure joy listening to music again thanks to Colibri. I can't recommend this audio player enough.

No_Happy from United States on 17/Nov/2019

Thank god it was only £5   ★☆☆☆☆

Freezes every time I add my music library. Effectively useless

spitzer2 from United Kingdom on 25/Sep/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is now out and should fix this issue! Hi spitzer2, Sorry to hear that! While I tried my best to handle thousands of files with ease, it seems there is more work that needs to be done with this - expect this to be resolved with the next update.  In the meantime, you are eligible to a full refund from Apple by visiting your purchases, here's a link on how to do it: You can reach me via '' if you have further questions. Cheers, Gabor

Хороший, но недостаточно   ★★★☆☆

Плеер удобен тем, что он простой. Однако не смотря на всю его простоту у меня часто возникали глюки с ним. Особенно хочется отметить, что при включении песни выскакивает окно и просит указать папку откуда взять изображение альбома (мне, например, хочется слушать музыку а не папки указывать, особенно бесит когда подряд щелкаешь по песням в разных папках); также не понимаю как он может подлагивать при перемотке, когда запущен всего один плеер и в плейлисте всего одна песня. Скачал из-за хороших отзывов, но недотягивает до хорошего - удовлитворительно. Надеюсь разработчики поработают над глюкавостью программы и тогда это действительно будет достойный плеер.

Ilya Mudryi from Russia on 16/Sep/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: update is now out! Hi Ilya, Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, I don't speak Russian so had to use a translator - I will work hard on the glitches! Cheers, Gabor

Finally, Somebody Got It Right!   ★★★★★

Mr Hargitai, you wrote good and useful software, well done!

StJaux from South Africa on 03/Sep/2019

Excellent Audio Player!!   ★★★★★

An excellent alternative for audio. The customization options are worth the price alone. I even noticed a better sound quality compared to other apps even though I wasn't focusing on that aspect at all, I just noticed it by accident, and this is coming from someone who also works with audio. The developer was also very friendly and responsive when I contacted him regarding features within the app.

The Rhythmist from United States on 31/Aug/2019

Crashes CONSTANTLY with Midi Files   ★★★☆☆

You’d think if the software is advertised as supporting Midi and 3rd party sound fonts (.SF2 files), that the developers would have taken the time to at least test out a few different midi files. Apparently not. Because if they had, they would have noticed within 10 minutes how very very unstable Colibri is. I am simply trying to play some christmas midi files found on the net, and Colibri crashes not once in a while, not occasionally, but on every other midi file. And there’s no rhyme or reason to it either. The same file that causes it to crash one moment loads fine the next. Certainly there are poorly written midi files and soundfont banks out there, but Colibri is crashing consistently across a broad variety of different midi files and soundfont banks. It seems impossible to find a decent midi player on the mac with playlist and SF2 support that isn’t prone to crashing. Windows has a few which are rock solid, so this can’t be such a technical feat.

BigErn77 from United States on 28/Aug/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is now out and should fix this issue! Hi BigErn77,  Sorry to hear about the crashes! Could you please be so kind as to contact me via '' so that I could try out some of the SoundFonts and MIDI files you had trouble with? I do have an idea which BASS module could be the culprit, but would need your input on it as well to go forward. I do listen to MIDI files myself with Colibri and couldn't reproduce this crashing behavior (I also do test each version before releasing them with various formats/files, including MIDI) - but it seems I have missed something this time around, so sorry for that! Cheers, Gabor

Basic and Beautiful   ★★★★★

This app does precisely what I want it to do - play music files with a minimum of fuss and resource usage. I like the simple appearance and overall minimal and clean design philosophy. The developer is responsive and sensible, and adds features that improve the app without bloating it. A great piece of software and one of the best bargains on the Mac app store. No music fan on Mac OS should be without it. Version 1.9.1 update: basically, perfect! Bugs nailed, everything running smoothly.

the magic hat from Canada on 24/Aug/2019

Developer Response (18/Mar/2019)

Hi! Dragging to the playlist / Dock icon works, but it seems opening via the '+' sign or File -> Open doesn't follow the option set within Settings. Is this what you were referring to? I'll sort this out in the next update if this is it, thanks for letting me know!

軽量な高音質アプリ   ★★★★★

動作が軽く、CPU占有率が低い。設定が簡単で、入力ファイルの情報が正確にDACに送り込まれる。 Audirvanaのような有名アプリと比べ、ひとケタ安い価格で、音質は負けていない。 ・・・というような点が長所です。 ライブラリ管理、CDのリッピング、タグ編集といった機能は一切なく、非常にシンプル。 ライブラリ管理をしたい場合はAudirvanaやJRiver、ただファイルをドラッグ&ドロップして音楽を聴きたい時はColibri、というような使いわけをしてもいいと思います。 何より制作者のポリシーが一貫しており、改善要望や質問等へのレスポンスが鬼速で、親近感が持てるアプリです。

luckyclucy from Japan on 14/Aug/2019

Просьба добавить табы для плейлистов   ★★★★★

Очень не хватает табов для плейлистов, что бы разделить альбомы или артистов(групп).

Kirtan Bortas from Russia on 08/Aug/2019

Great music player   ★★★★★

Colibri is awesome: simple, aestetically pleasing and most importantly sounds great. I love it.

fpierfed from Spain on 08/Aug/2019

Crashes on MacOS 10.14.5 (updated)!   ★★★★☆

After my initial experience which included repeated crashes (apparently triggered by exploring the app controls prior to loading any music), I tried Colibri again, and found that it performs as advertised (if you load some music files first). What it lacks in library organization and display features, it makes up for in sound quality. I loaded 5000 songs from my library with no issues. It's a bit unwieldy to navigate such a big list to find particular songs, but listening to selected playlists is very manageable. Definitely a worthy alternative to bigger & more expensive alternatives that will appeal to those interested in a simple music player that sounds very good and plays files at their native resolution.

Skrzyp53 from United States on 26/Jul/2019

Developer Response (06/Jun/2021)

EDIT: Update is now out! Hi! Please contact me via email on '' so that I can help! Cheers, Gabor

Love this simple app   ★★★★★

Just got this app the other day and it is working very good. Another app I had to play my flac files was too clunky and full of quirks, this app made it very simple without the bells and whistles of other apps that making the simple task of playing music complex. Gabor responded to a few of my questions within a 24 hour span of time. Very native to the macOS world, and did I mention it looks great on my MacBook and macbook pro? I feel supported with the response time of the developer and was informed of some cool updates. No hidden fees and you get an amazing player. Thanks,

batcavejoe from United States on 24/Jul/2019

Kein Ton mit einer RME HDSPe AIO   ★★☆☆☆

Hallo, leider funktioniert der Player mit einer RME HDSPe AIO Studiosoundkarte nicht. Ich bekomme keinen Ton raus. Mit anderen Playern geht es ohne Probleme. Karte ist im Output ausgewählt und dennoch kommt kein Ton. Schade.. Habe nun das Geld leider umsonst ausgegeben. VG. Sven

Zwirni1974 from Germany on 17/Jul/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: update is now out! Hi Sven, Sorry for your troubles! I do not speak German, but if you could contact me in English via e-mail at '' I would be happy to help! Cheers, Gabor

Buona ma migliorabile   ★★★☆☆

Considerato il costo in raffronto con soluzioni simili (anche se molto più performanti), si tratta di una app decente. Ha qualche bug che ho segnalato mesi fa (aprile 2019) allo sviluppatore ma che non ha ancora risolto: - in alcuni casi, nei brani in gap less si sente un clik tra un brano e quello successivo; - mancano le indicazioni sulla durata dei brani nella tabella riassuntiva degli album; - le impostazioni di BS2B e di equalizzazione, anche se definite correttamente nel pannello di controllo, non vengono applicate nella riproduzione dei brani.

solomare from Italy on 15/Jul/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: update is now out, please check! 🙂 Hi solomare, Thank you for your feedback! I do not speak Italian, but have managed to mostly understand your points: yes, you did contact me in April and I'm still working on the update - I believe I've found a fix for 1) and 3) and it will be included in the next update. I'm also trying to improve the playlist which means that it will also cover point 2) - hopefully I will finish it soon!

Fixed and working great   ★★★★★

Edit: Developer was quick to fix the bug and the app is working again. Previous Comment: Doesnt work. On launch, you are greeted with a "Colibri quit unexpectedly" message. OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.5 (18F132)

Hemanth_Kumar from Sweden on 17/Jun/2019

Developer Response (14/Jun/2019)

Hi Kumar, Please contact me so I can help in resolving the issue: '' as I have a preview build that solves this problem. Looking forward to your email! Cheers, Gabor

SF2 file crashes Colibri, SF2 file confi is not saved   ★☆☆☆☆

When I load a soundfont file, close and start Colibri, then it forgets this soundfont file. When I remove the standard sf-file from the list, with a restart of colibry loads no sf-file at all. Sometimes importing sf-files crashes colibri.

Rick Wolf1 from Netherlands on 11/Jun/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Edit: Update is now live, please check! 🙂 Hi Rick, Thanks for the feedback, would you be so kind as to send me the SF2 file via email to '' ? I'll go and take a look and fix this in the next update (which will be out in the following weeks). Cheers, Gábor

Updated Review   ★★★★★

Had problems a while ago when the player wouldn't load after an update. The developer was very helpful, but I didn't fancy poking around trying to fix it so uninstalled. Having downloaded again I find it now works and I'm pleased because the sound quality is second to none, especially for a free app.

Malham56 from United Kingdom on 08/Jun/2019

Developer Response (21/Mar/2019)

Hi! Sorry to hear this happened, please do the following to fix it: 1. Close Colibri if it is running and Open Finder 2. Press CMD + Shift + G (or click on “Go -> Go to Folder” in the menu) 3. Enter the following: ~/Library/Containers 4. Delete the folder there named: gaborhargitai.colibri 5. Make sure to empty the Trash 6. without opening Colibri please restart your Mac Also please feel free to contact me via '' for further assistance. Cheers, Gábor

Coming From Audirvana...   ★★★★★

Bit perfect playback is fantastic. I'm using this with an iFi Nano BL dac and don't care very much for upsampling. To my ears, it sounds better than Pine Player. It might have to do something with Colibri following the bit rate properly unlike Pine Player which doesn't switch bit rates. Much more lightweight and less CPU intensive than Audirvana with my 2012 Macbook Pro. The only thing missing is the media library. I'm having to add all my folders back manually in Colibri. But all that is explained on the dev's website. Beyond that, I'm very happy with the sound of player itself.

WC789 from United States on 05/Jun/2019

Happiness is…   ★★★★★

An amazing app – has replaced my ever-more inelegant flac player Audirvana, and made our lives so much less stressful. Plays every kind of audio file, sounds great on a really high-end system (spendors, all tube electronics), extremely reasonably priced (maybe insanely reasonably priced) and best of all, if you have a problem, suggestion or question, the designer answers swiftly and thoughtfully. Really, the whole world should be more like Colibri. Would be a better place.

gsindell from United States on 04/Jun/2019

Does what i'm looking for   ★★★★☆

I just want to play my FLAC files on my MacBook without getting annoyed by advertising to use a cloud solution like VOX player. Found Colibri, bought it for a few bucks and it does simply what i want. Drag and drop from finder, play music, perfect ! Thumbs up! Note: I rated with 4 stars just because of the reason that i haven't done a "long and extensive" test so far.

AndSoOnAndSoOn from Germany on 19/May/2019

Developer Response (20/May/2019)

Hi AndSoOnAndSoOn, Thanks for your feedback, let me know if you come across anything. Cheers, Gábor



Alphaeon from United States on 15/May/2019

Developer Response (15/May/2019)

Hi Alphaeon, Sorry to hear it, please contact me via email at "" so that I can figure it out and help you with this. Cheers, Gabor

Great Player with Many Features   ★★★★★

This is a well thought out music player that has many features. It took me awhile to figure out how to have it play all of my iTune files (over 3000 songs), but it was as easy as dragging the enitre iTunes file to the 'add music" window. Overall, a very nice player and well worth the money.

Mr. Tskap from United States on 26/Mar/2019

Fantastic player that just keeps improving with every update   ★★★★★

Picked this player up in 2017 after VOX went behind a paywall and I am so glad I did - worth every cent as features keep being added (one-time purchase - free updates) !! 🙂 - I am particularly fond of the HiRes and BS2B support in conjunction with my FiiO K3 Dac\Amplifier - workplace headphone heaven 🙂 - highly recommended

memnemon from Australia on 25/Mar/2019

Perfect for my needs   ★★★★★

I use Colibri to play some high bitrate files (usually Flac) and DSDs. My desktop DAC is a Fiio K3. At first it didn’t play DSDs and I was a bit dissapointed. Decided to contact the developer, expecting no answer at all. Instead I received a very fast response with a possible workaround that actually worked! (disable exclusive mode and set DoP 0x05/0xFA). Could not be happier. Very fast response and the player has all the features I need. Thanks! Federico

FedericoD from United States on 18/Mar/2019

Dop Still doesn't work   ★★★☆☆

1. DoP output mode doesn't work for Sennheiser HDV820

TheNothingKing from United States on 16/Mar/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Edit: update is out now, please try it. Hi TheNothingKing, Thank you for the feedback, I'm working on these and will fix them in the next update - I already have the DoP output mode sorted. Expect the update soon!

白花钱了   ★☆☆☆☆


砉阙 from China on 14/Mar/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: update is now out! Hi 砉阙, sorry I don't speak Chinese, but it seems like you have issue with crashing after update. Please do the following, it will fix the issue: 1. Open Finder 2. Press CMD + Shift + G (or click on “Go -> Go to Folder” in the menu) 3. Enter the following: ~/Library/Containers 4. Delete the folder there named: gaborhargitai.colibri 5. Make sure to empty the Trash 6. without opening Colibri please restart your Mac

CRASH   ★☆☆☆☆

REcent update CRASHed on Mojave

cyberbuddhah from United States on 10/Mar/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is now out! Hi! Please do the following, it is a confirmed fix for the update issue: 1. Open Finder 2. Press CMD + Shift + G (or click on “Go -> Go to Folder” in the menu) 3. Enter the following: ~/Library/Containers 4. Delete the folder there named: gaborhargitai.colibri 5. Make sure to empty the Trash 6. without opening Colibri please restart your Mac If you need further support please email me to '' so I can help

Nice native one and good sound   ★★★★★

overall is quite neat. One thing that bug me is CUE sheet does not work for me. Keep developing it. I am wait for improvement

Prat11 from Thailand on 10/Mar/2019

Good but...   ★★★☆☆

I really like this player, however it keeps requiring me to trash preferences to stop it crashing when being loaded. 5 times in less than a month is a pain in the bum and I'm fairly sick of going through the prefs to configure it how I want, again. "Save the .plist" I hear you say. Nope, it won't accept that and just resets itself to default.

Ben Fingers from United Kingdom on 09/Mar/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi! Thank you for the feedback, would you be interested in testing preview builds? I'd like to investigate the issue you're facing. Let me know via an email to ''

good, simple music player with DSD support   ★★★★★

great music player with native DSD (DoP) playback capability, works as expected, good support

KuKPt from Hungary on 09/Mar/2019

Awesome Developer   ★★★★★

Edit: The dev sent me some test builds and he was able to fix the problem. Very nice and dedicated guy! I wish the dev all the success in his future builds. I used a chord mojo with this, so your milage may vary. I could not for the life of me get it to output DSD above 88.4kHz which is super disappointing. HF player on ios was able to do that perfectly.

Ianchen9449 from Canada on 09/Mar/2019

Developer Response (29/Jan/2019)

Hi Ianchen9449! Thanks for the feedback, would you be interested in testing out preview beta versions to see if I can improve compatibility? Let me know via email to

best music player that just works. ux can be improved though   ★★★★★

This is the best music player that just works. However usability can be improved - it stands out from the "usual" music player experience. It doesn't have shuffle/repeat options where all standard controls is. Instead its hidden in preferences. So you farther away from switching playback modes. Maybe its a good thing. I see how this emerges from overall style of the product. That is strict. Also adding songs to playlist without playing it back instantly is kind of confusing. I thought that there is no way to add songs on drag&drop and to keep them playing back instantly on open with double click. Overall stability is ok but I've experienced occasional crashes. P.S. the world is a dark place, unpolished design ruins the belief that product is 100% can do what you want it to do. Even though it can. Normally you just stumble upon obstacles that your own mind creates feeling that this peice of software is just as well put up to be working but not yet enough distilled and simplified. from Russia on 19/Feb/2019

Developer Response (20/Feb/2019)

Hi! Thank you for your feedback, I'm working on improving the design and the usability. Please visit Settings -> Playlist and "When I add new songs, Colibri will..." and there you can select what happens, eg.: 'play the first new song at once', 'play the first new song if nothing is playing' or 'silently add them to the list'. I'm also working on the crashes, expect an update soon! Cheers, Gábor

cannot reset to facotry default   ★☆☆☆☆

why? why dont you have a button that resets everything to the base factory default ? why ?

roroxas from United States on 14/Feb/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: Update is now out! Dear roroxas, there is a Factory Reset button in the top menu bar, within the Help section. Let me know if I can assist you further by sending me an e-mail to ''

挺好   ★★★★☆

短小精悍 功能略少

乌鸦乱飞 from China on 04/Feb/2019

Отличный Плеер !   ★★★★★

Наконец-то в App Store нашел приличный плеер, который может проигрывать песни из папки. Очень удобный. Играет и MP3 и FLAC, есть эквалайзер и прочие удобства. Вполне взрослый плеер, не хватает пока только управления с клавиатуры и выхода по esc. Excelent player for me. The best in App Store. Please add hot keys and exit via the esc if it possible.

Paul70_ from Russia on 20/Jan/2019

Developer Response (21/Jan/2019)

Hi Paul70_! Thank you for your support and nice words, hotkeys and exit via esc is coming in an update soon!

Wow   ★★★★★

Wow, this is a great app. I’m an album-oriented kind of person who keeps all my music organized in folders. I despise iTunes. This is a fantastic, minimal, app that does exactly what I want. Gapless works perfect. Flac support is awesome: I don’t have to convert my flacs to stupid alac. If I designed a music player, this is what I would have come up with. I can’t believe this is just 2 dollars. I would have paid $20. (Don’t tell the developer.) PS: On the web page where they list supported file types, they do not list aac, and that worried me. But I’m happy to report that aac (aka m4a) works fine.

G.R.W. from United States on 19/Jan/2019

Developer Response (21/Jan/2019)

Hi G.R.W.! Thank you for your support and kind words, I've updated the website to be a bit more clear on the codecs. I'm glad you enjoy Colibri! 🙂

Great app with great support   ★★★★★

A vey simple to use HQ lossless player. very easy to install and understand with an excellent sound quality. I had an issue with sound output to HDMI and posetd it to the developer. Within an hour I received a reply with the right setting in the app for me. It fixed it right away. great stuff Gabor

PeterDorr2 from United States on 06/Jan/2019

Eh   ★★☆☆☆

it’s a basic player. I’ll look around again, but it has no library function. I can’t sort music by Artist, song, or album. In fact, nothing is in order.

Scrapir0n from United States on 02/Jan/2019

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi Scrapir0n! Thank you for the feedback, currently Colibri has a simple playlist with no sorting functions. However, the sorting is planned to be added in an upcoming update so stay tuned if possible! Cheers, Gábor

很糟糕   ★☆☆☆☆


Sam@China from China on 22/Dec/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! EDIT: update is now out! Hi Sam@China, If you can send me an email with a sample WAV file to then I'm more than happy to sort out the issue you are facing.

Can’t load soundfonts   ★★☆☆☆

Every attempt to add a soundfont results in the menu opening and then immediately closing. I don’t have any other complaints besides that, but a MIDI player that can’t load soundfonts is near useless.

Zolpha Amgad from United States on 12/Dec/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Edit: update should fix this, please try it. Hi Zolpha Amgad! Thanks for you feedback, I'll investigate this - in the meantime, please use the top menu bar to open Colibri -> Preferences (or use the CMD + , hotkey)

libbassmidi.dylib Detected As Threat By Cylance   ★★★★☆

I am not able to use it or white list that library since Cylance is 100% cloud managed. Please take a look. Thanks.

yahan2013 from United States on 26/Oct/2018

Developer Response (01/Nov/2018)

That’s super weird, I’ll contact them and see to it that they whitelist it! Thanks for letting me know. EDIT: I've got a response saying they will investigate it - I've sent an explanation and a VirusTotal verification, hope they will acknowledge it and act accordingly...

conveniently   ★★★★☆

При смене гарнитуры с обычной на bluetooth приходится перезагружать программу. When changing the headset from normal to bluetooth, you have to restart the program.

Obraztsov from Russia on 25/Oct/2018

Developer Response (28/Oct/2018)

Hello! Please try selecting your bluetooth headset from Settings (Preferences) -> Output. Playback should automatically resume!

DSD playback does not work   ★☆☆☆☆

I have a Sennheiser HDV 820 DAC/Amplifier and am able to play DSD 64, 128, and even 256 through JRiver Media Centre via Windows on my Mac. I have been looking for a player that can do this on a Mac without having to use Windows to do so, but there are no ASIO drivers for Macs that do this it seems. This is why I was excited about this program. But it was too good to be true. I have tried to play DSD 256 and even DSD 64 through it, but it either says the file cannot be played or I get an almost silent hiss. My HDV 820 can play all these DSD formats natively (and does play them through the Windows set up) and I tried ALL the options in the DSD Signal Output section of the Colibri app, but all to no avail. Unless I am doing something wrong, this is false advertising to say this program can play DSD files both by DoP and natively.

n.a.d. from Canada on 25/Oct/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Edit: I've rewritten DSD playback from scratch and released update 1.9 - please try it! Hello! Colibri does support DSD playback, please try this set of options: - disable EQ if it is enabled - enable Exclusive / Hog mode - data sending: native with fallback to auto - set volume to 0 dB for DSD - try bridging DAC and CoreAudio - use highest supported kHz Let me know how it went so I can assist further:

Good sounding app!   ★★★★★

This latest version of Colibri works well... sounds very good! The only thing it lacks now is to have an option for album lineup instead of just song lineup.

Skooks57 from United States on 23/Oct/2018

Developer Response (24/Oct/2018)

Hi! Thank you so much, I'll see what I can do about the album lineup 🙂

A serious Vox alternative   ★★★★★

As the author keeps adding features, it’s slowly becoming the best (and cheap) alternative for Vox users. Lossless & DSD playback, BS2B support, sample rate sync'ing, hog mode, and much more features for a fraction of the cost of a month subscription to Vox.

malfario from Spain on 05/Oct/2018

Super App   ★★★★★

Funktioniert einwandfrei und wie ich es mir vorgestellt hatte.

cjc-team from Germany on 29/Sep/2018

Developer Response (25/Oct/2018)

Thank you so much!! 🙂

Simple and that’s a good thing!   ★★★★★

If you are looking for something that will quickly play a list of MP3s or to create playlists without reordering them, then look no further. Been trying to find something simple that would do what quicklook should be able to do, select some MP3s and play them in a list. That’s it! But you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find an app that does that without turning into the NIGHTMARE that iTunes has become or worse! This app has some cool features and is simple.

KvoltzSC from United States on 16/Sep/2018

Falta de optimización   ★★☆☆☆

La aplicación colapsa cada vez que intento agregar mi carpeta de 80gb y termina cerrandose.

Audio46 from Peru on 06/Sep/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Querido Audio46, Dentro de pocos días saldrá una versión nueva que ya no tiene problemas con abrir carpetas pesadas (>330GB, con ~13500 canciones) durante reproducción. Gracias por su paciencia!

No airplay   ★☆☆☆☆

It ignores airplay - plays on internal speakers when I choose airplay device After couple trials to switch to airplay it hung

Denis Kurochkin from Ukraine on 18/Jun/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Hi Denis, EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, including native AirPlay support - please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! AirPlay support is in development and will be available with an update in the future. It is nowhere mentioned or advertised that AirPlay is currently supported - there is even an entry about it in the FAQ.

Bit-perfect? Well.   ★★☆☆☆

The description claims this app "supports cristal-clear bit-perfect playback". But it does not set the sample rate of the output device, even when using exclusive mode. And so the audio gets resampled to whatever the device happens to be set to, which alters the bits, and therefore is not, as claimed, bit-perfect. It very well may be bit-perfect if the device happens to be set to the sample rate your current song is in, but it's not practical to set this manually for every song, at least if your playlist contains a variety of sample rates, as mine often do. So this is a huge omission for a player intended for bit-perfect playback.

Alcophone from United States on 01/May/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Hi Alcophone, Thank you for your feedback! Version 1.8.10 fixes the Automatic Sample Rate Switching bug and it should now work as expected.

Fint supplement til iTunes   ★★★★☆

Colibri afspiller de filer iTunes ikke vil vide af; FLAC, dsf m.fl. Husker dine spillelister fra gang til gang… Super lille app

Steen Sk from Denmark on 28/Apr/2018

Efficient, solidly featured multi-format audio player with zero bloat   ★★★★★

Colibri is a great little audio player for everything from FLAC to mp3 or MIDI. When I say little, I mean that the app file is very small and the CPU usage is tiny. The interface is clean and minimal. Colibri aims to do the job effectively and in a straightforward, user-friendly fashion without being in the way. However, it also sports some advanced features like BS2B and a lot of preset customisation if you want it. I mostly play FLACs and mp3s, and Colibri is now my base Mac music-playing app.

Waderooni from Australia on 22/Apr/2018

Нашёл свой плеер.   ★★★★★

Долго искал плеер только для музыки! Но есть дилемма: если плеер лёгкий, без лишнего функционала, то и звук оставляет желать лучшего; если плеер с качественным звуком, то он как правило перегружен избыточными функциями, неиспользуемыми подавляющим большинством пользователей. У Colibri как раз золотая середина. Помню, как все производители аудиофильского софта, претендующие на качественный звук, ‘’ругали’’ iTunes за его ‘’ тяжесть’’. Не прошло и десяти лет, как и они пошли по пути расширения невостребованных возможностей, утяжеления. И даже новые писатели аудио софта с каждым обновлением все больше расширяют меню, настройки, красоты и всё не имеющее отношение к музыке и звуку. Здесь Colibri стоит особняком, при малой функциональности звук превыше всех похвал. Рекомендую всем любителям музыки в хорошем качестве. Автору благодарность и желание не сходить с выбранного пути. Всем удачи и хорошего звука!

Gagaperviy from Russia on 21/Apr/2018

I need Chinese language   ★★★★☆

this is important thanks

Cly1265 from China on 17/Apr/2018

DSD playing   ★★☆☆☆

Playback of DSD files is possible only through DoP. When playing DSD files and choosing to send RAW data to the converter (iFi Nano) an application crash occurs.

Kezarm from Czech Republic on 01/Apr/2018

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT2: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Edit: update 1.9 is out now, please try it! Hi Kezarm, i'll look into what is causing the problem - thank you for letting me know!

Ótimo Play!   ★★★★★

Troquei o Vox pelo Colibri e estou Adorando! Desinstalei o Vox porque ele é um verdadeiro espião! Manda MUITASSSSSSS informações para o desenvolvedor e sabe deus o que ele esta de fato capturando no nosso computador! O Colibri não manda NADA para o Desenvolvedor dele! Parabéns aos desenvolvedores do Colibri! Recomendo fortemente!!! 🙂

Calhau from Brazil on 07/Dec/2017

Love this Music player for lossless music   ★★★★★

I listen to lossless Flac music at 256kbps and nothing would play them very well but this player is brilliant and plays my flacs. I use bowers and wilkins head phones and the music is crisp and clear. this is well worth the money. Thank you so much

Rarahbeth from United Kingdom on 25/Oct/2017

Noch nicht weit in der Entwicklung   ★☆☆☆☆

Hab den Kauf bereut. Das Laden der iTunes Daten dauert sooo lange. Dann keine Darstellung der Alben - nur eine sehr lange Playlist mit allen Titeln drin. Rudimentär und sein Geld nicht wert.

HaZweiSOVier from Switzerland on 01/Oct/2017

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Dear HNSO4, Sorry to hear that, please try switching the Playlist style to 3 columns in the Settings (either from the menu or by pressing the little gear icon in Colibri's main window)

So nicht brauchbar   ★★☆☆☆

Zeigt manchmal keine Cover an. Wenn ich auf den Taste „nächste Lied“ drücke, wird das aktuelle Lied wiederholt. Ich kann kein Verzeichnis oder einzelne Lieder auf dem Icon im Dock ablegen. Wenn der Player minimiert ist und ich auf Pause drücke, dann überdeckt das „Pausen“ Icon die Bedienelemente. Beim hinzufügen von Liedern, kann ich nur ergänzen, einfach ein einzelnes Lied auf den Player ablegen und gleich hören geht nicht, man muß immer erst das gewünschte Lied auswählen und starten. Das die Spielzeit immer unten angezeigt wird und nicht am Fortschrittsbalken ist unbrauchbar, besonders wenn man die Playliste geöffnet hat. Zu wenig Einstellmöglichkeiten.

Thietmar from Germany on 13/Sep/2017

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

EDIT: Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes! Dear Thietmar, Thank you for your feedback! In the update released a few hours ago (1.8.1) the Dock icon drag and drop issue has been fixed, I've added an option in Settings to turn the notifications (volume, seeking, paused) on or off among other things and the cover loading feature has been extended to support more file formats beside FLAC and folder art. For the repeat issue, please check the Settings as I have made some modifications there as well - let me know how does Colibri work after the update. Happy listening!

so nice sound   ★★★★★

It is a simple UI but it is a very easy-to-use app with necessary functions. Also, although it supports various audio formats, the sound quality is wonderful. I was particularly surprised when I realized that the stereo balance is accurate and this is a very important element for music.

takashi taoka from Japan on 27/Aug/2017

Egyszerűen nagyszerű 🙂   ★★★★☆

Letisztult, könnyen kezelhető program. Eddig nem tapasztaltam komoly hibát benne. Csak azért nem adtam 5 csillagot, mert úgy vettem észre, hogy ugyan szépen kijelzi (a láblécben) a frekvenciát, de például a 192kHz-es zenéket is a macOS alapértelmezetten beállított értékén szólaltatja meg (a fejhallgató erősítőm ASUS Essence One MKII kijelzi az aktuális frekvenciát és azon továbbra is az Audioeszközök panelen beállított 90kHz-et látom). Persze nem tudom, hogy kikerülhető-e egyáltalán a CoreAudio réteg, de én annak örülnék leginkább, ha ezt megtenné, vagy legalább átállítaná az éppen lejátszott zenének megfelelőn (persze figyelembe véve az adott eszköz lehetőségeit). Bár azt sem tudom, hogy ettől jobban szólna-e? 🙂

p-e-t-e-r-m-a-r-k from Hungary on 22/Jul/2017

Developer Response (04/Oct/2018)

Kedves p-e-t-e-r-m-a-r-k! Köszönöm a visszajelzést, sajnos jelenleg nem tudom megkerülni a CoreAudio-t így egyelőre az ott beállított érték lesz a felső határ - ezzel együtt azon vagyok, hogy ez a jövőben változzon. Szerk: a most kiadott 1.8.10-ben komoly lépéseket tettem a CoreAudio-val történő egyeztetés érdekében, kérlek próbáld ki! 🙂

Much Better Than Vox & Others   ★★★★★

Simple, clean inrerface. Doesn’t suffer from glitches I find in the Pine player.

Knotted Knickers from United States on 10/Jul/2017

Quick easy lossless audio   ★★★★☆

i llike this , a quick efficient way to simply outputy lossless audio. If you use APE a lot I find it necessary , shows CPU usage and that, it looks like its in early stages , but if it doesn’t get too fat, its a great little audio too for the MAC (2016 MACPRO 15 ) really for those that feel lossy audio is cheating your ears.! Stef

C9mW from Canada on 04/Mar/2017

Wonderful!   ★★★★★

This is the most neutral sounded player. Great for true music expirience without any colored stuff. Thanks!

NeSpesha from Belarus on 21/Feb/2017

Fantástica!. Y 100% accesible con VoiceOver.   ★★★★★

Una app fantástica, imprescindible!. Reproduce sin despeinarse FLAC, muy fluida. Experiencia genial. Sin duda el mejor reproductor nativo de lossless (FLAC). Actualizaciones constantes y como a he dicho en el título 100% accesible con VoiceOver (opciones de accesibilidad). Y precio inmejorable. Vale 10 veces su precio actual.

Capitanmani from Spain on 16/Feb/2017

For god sake, none of these palyers are worth it   ★☆☆☆☆

2 bucks waisted. The app offers nothing, a simpl player but not even a simple shuffle option. After download, it had an update, so I updated, it crippled the forward and backward buttons. May I have my $2 back please?

Pashmaky from United States on 18/Dec/2016

Developer Response (19/Aug/2023)

Multiple updates have been out since then, please try it with the latest (2.1.5) version and feel free to let me know how it goes!

Litlle, smart, quick   ★★★★★

Small, smart application. A lot of applications that are able to do a hundred things, and it just is not necessary! Listen to music with this app is very simple! And he does it well. The developer is very quick to respond in case of problems. I will recommend to friends.

Terza36 from Russia on 13/Dec/2016

Sounds great but...   ★★★★☆

whatever I try it only plays lokaly and not to my Air Play speakers, only on computer or display.

CekariYH from Sweden on 22/Nov/2016

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