Colibri 2.2.0 Changelog


  • an audio hiccup that could occur during song transition in CoreAudio mode
  • DSD song change in PCM data sending mode doesn’t apply EQ settings
  • DSD song change in PCM data sending mode lowers the system volume
  • playing a DSD song after a non-DSD song in DoP/DoPA data sending modes can cause noise to be played
  • seeking using the left/right arrow keys can sometimes fail when a DSD song is played in DoP/DoPA mode
  • multiple crashes during song loading while AirPlay mode is active
  • multiple crashes when adding many folders at once from different storage media
  • folders with multiple nested levels of Cue Sheets don’t load recursively
  • when Cue sheet reading fails, the fallback folder reading isn’t triggered
  • files without file extension are loaded when adding a folder
  • adding a Cue sheet after restarting Colibri can mess up previously added Cue sheet song processed metadata
  • when file metadata reading fails (or if it is empty), the filename is not shown
  • multiple Sandbox related issues


  • FLAC module to
  • WavPack module to
  • Cue sheet processing now uses multi-pass file encoding detection
  • reduced memory usage during AirPlay loop ‘current song’ mode
  • removed deprecated CoreAudio calls
  • Sandbox bookmarks are now refreshed when becoming stale

Colibri 2.1.9 Changelog


  • Colibri would crash on a Song change
  • Colibri would crash when reaching the end of the Playlist


  • Built with Xcode 14.3.1

Colibri 2.1.8 Changelog


  • FLAC module updated to
  • OPUS module updated to
  • HLS module updated to 2.4.4


  • A memory leak could occur when playing AirPlay songs with preload enabled
  • A memory usage spike could happen when the play button (or Return hotkey) was pressed many times in quick succession while AirPlay mode was active
  • A race condition bug could prevent Colibri from gaplessly proceeding to the next Song in AirPlay mode under high system load
  • Re-ordering Songs above the currently playing Song could cause the Playlist to mark a different Song as being played


  • Built with Xcode 15.0

Colibri 2.1.7 Changelog


  • Colibri can now properly read iTunes/ exported Playlist files in M3U and M3U8 formats


  • Network streams would fail to load from M3U files
  • Stopping and restarting a song via AirPlay could cause silence to be played
  • AirPlay playback could softlock itself if the upcoming Song was unavailable
  • Adding Songs from Finder would crash Colibri if the ‘Clear playlist…’ option was enabled
  • Colibri could crash/behave erratically if ‘Load all songs from within…’ option was enabled
  • When opening files from Finder, Colibri would not start playback at the song that was initially clicked on in Finder
  • When dropping files to the Playlist, Colibri wouldn’t always start playback with the correct Song
  • Colibri wouldn’t properly read DOS/Windows formatted .m3u playlists with ^M carriage-return character end-of-line characters
  • Colibri would crash if an XML file is present within a dragged folder
  • Volume slider would flash for a split second when pressing Play/Pause while AirPlay/Audio signal override was active


  • Added a bit more logging for AirPlay and preload related issues to the Debug Log for easier troubleshooting

Colibri 2.1.6 Changelog


  • Colibri should no longer freeze when playing back a high sample rate file when a 3rd party audio signal modifier app is active (such as Boom3D)


  • M3U loading by double clicking in Finder would cause Colibri to crash
  • M3U playlist processing wouldn’t always ask for top-level folder permission, leaving some tracks unplayable or skipping them
  • Clear playlist on exit could leave songs in the playlist on next startup, thanks to a race condition bug


  • When a 3rd party audio signal modifying app is active, Colibri might not succeed in sending frequency switching commands to your audio output device via CoreAudio

Colibri 2.1.5 Changelog


  • Sandbox Manager will show unresolvable bookmarks as invalid
  • Smart Cleanup will also remove unresolvable bookmarks


  • Unresolvable bookmarks can also be paths that belong to External Storage Devices or Network Shares on your NAS that you currently don’t have access to (eg.: when away from home)

Colibri 2.1.4 Changelog


  • File extension won’t be shown as Artist if the Artist metadata is missing
  • Cue Sheet “REM GENRE” section is read during Cue Sheet processing
  • Genre metadata property will be read during song processing
  • Genre now has column options within Preferences > Columns
  • Searching using “Everything” will also take the Genre part of the songs data into account


  • Colibri would crash when right-click context menu ‘Reveal in Finder’ was invoked on an empty part of the Playlist

Colibri 2.1.3 Changelog


  • Colibri should now properly pause during a FaceTime call and unpause itself when the call ends


  • Colibri wouldn’t pause during a FaceTime call
  • Colibri would unpause and start playing while the FaceTime call is still underway

Colibri 2.1.2 Changelog


  • AirPlay: Colibri will stall AirPlay playback and wait 60 seconds for the data to arrive when playing from a slow storage device / network share, then assembles it and pushes forward to AirPlay. This eliminates the song partially playing due to data not arriving in time for playback to start.
  • Enhanced song end signaling precision: song changes should now stay smooth even under high CPU load


  • Colibri wouldn’t transition properly to the next song even if frequency change wasn’t necessary
  • Colibri would instantly skip a song if the file header isn’t complete / misaligned, particularly if it belongs to an older scene release
  • Colibri would show a different song as opposed to the one being played if a loop mode is selected
  • Colibri would suddenly leave a gap during song change even if the songs should be heard in a gapless manner
  • Resolved a possible memory leak regarding song end signalling
  • A small gap at the very end of a song could be heard just before advancing to such a song, that would require frequency switching

Colibri 2.1.1 Changelog


  • Added missing thousand separator space to ‘Processing Song X of Y’ status bar message


  • Preloaded songs wouldn’t play in a gapless manner if not being part of a Cue Sheet
  • ‘Clear Search phrase’ would not remove the ‘X’ clear button in Search view
  • Playlist header would disappear when no Songs were present in Playlist

Colibri 2.1.0 Changelog

This version raises the minimum required operating system version to macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

New Features:

Native AirPlay 2 support

  • supports multi-room audio
  • simultaneous playback to multiple devices
  • fully native, end-to-end encrypted
  • doesn’t rely on third-party solutions or modules
  • available from macOS 10.15 and up

Search & Filtering for the Playlist:

  • filter using all columns or a combination of artist/title/album
  • keyboard shortcuts

NowPlayable support

  • song info, album art display
  • playback control with seeking
  • available in the macOS Control Center


  • all control and feedback interface elements have descriptions and help texts
  • older descriptions updated / reworded as necessary

Async file loader/crawler:

  • file loading and processing are now done in two phases
  • playlist is updated in realtime as songs are processed
  • number of files being processed is displayed in the bottom status bar

Device settings – 4 new options:

  • Force frequency: disable automatic sample rate switching and use one frequency for all songs
  • Initial volume: set the system output level of the device to the given percentage when the device is used
  • Frequency switching silence: generate the given number of milliseconds silent output during the mode switching of the device
  • Restore to frequency on quit: restore the device to the selected frequency when Colibri quits

Sandbox Manager

  • add, edit or remove existing bookmarks
  • check if you have invalid bookmarks
  • Smart Cleanup: remove all redundant bookmarks with a single click
  • Improved Sandbox Bookmark resolution
  • Strict App Hardening is enabled for added security
  • Interface subtle animation: album art, song info and status bar updates are delivered with smooth transitions


  • Help > Debug Log is back with automatic refresh and scrolling to bottom
  • Added ‘Jump to current’ and ‘Jump and Select current’ hotkeys
  • MIDI module updated to the latest version
  • WavPack module updated to the latest version
  • Only try switching device frequency during song change if the frequency is supported by the device, respect the fallback strategy otherwise
  • Removed multiple superfluous device reinitialisation calls
  • Extended system sleep options with screen sleep variants
  • Cue Sheet processing now skips unreachable files
  • Cue Sheet and M3U file formats are autodetected during processing
  • Only the latest notification will be present, older ones should now disappear instead of stacking


  • Crash when opening multiple files at once from Finder
  • Crash when clicking on a color picker in Settings > Themes
  • Device wouldn’t switch to the highest available frequency if the song has already started and the output was changed mid-playback
  • Fallback frequency wouldn’t be considered if a non-DSD song came after a DSD song
  • First row of Playlist would become squashed on startup
  • First track from a colibriPlaylist would disappear
  • Freeze when you have one song in the playlist and choose repeat random loop mode
  • Media Key events could be fire twice from macOS 11.0 Big Sur and up
  • Network streams from M3U files wouldn’t load
  • Notifications would be shown when the Settings panel is opened
  • Preloading wouldn’t always work with random-based loop modes
  • Selecting custom in Settings > Themes would result a in completely black player window

Colibri 2.0.5 Changelog

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Colibri would bounce indefinitely during startup
  • Invalid Sandbox bookmarks would cause Colibri to hang
  • CMD + Up keyboard shortcut didn’t always work
  • MIDI SoundFont would fail to load

A bit of fun: try double clicking on the album art and then click on the album art image that pops up!

Colibri 2.0.4 Changelog

  • Reduced device capability enumeration time
  • Gapless playback would not work with some external DACs
  • Dropping songs on to the Playlist could become interleaved
  • Pre-cache would not work with songs shorter than 5 seconds

Colibri 2.0.3 Changelog

  • Output selection wouldn’t properly reflect what device is selected
  • Playlist show/hide state wouldn’t properly restore on next startup

Colibri 2.0.2 Changelog

  • Album art popover could cause a crash if the embedded album art was somehow irregular
  • Colibri would crash on startup if the supported frequencies reported by the DAC through CoreAudio would contain invalid data
  • DSD DoP playback would switch to PCM mode on playing the next DSD track
  • Adding songs from Finder and/or M3U/M3U8 playlists could cause the Playlist to not redraw itself
  • DSD DoP songs would not always restart themselves when ‘Loop current’ mode was selected
  • Dropping files/folders on Colibri’s Dock icon wouldn’t always save the Sandbox bookmarks on quitting

Colibri 2.0.1 Changelog

This quick update fixes two bugs: output settings wouldn’t properly load when not using the Default output and Hog Mode could become selectable while the Default output is selected and Colibri is in a stopped state.

Colibri 2.0 changelog

The rewrite is finally here! Big Sur and Apple Silicon support (ZXTune is only available under Intel CPUs), bug fixes and new features: multiple loop options, RAM Disk, always on top, cue sheet encoding selection, per-device settings, system sleep and default sound output support, switchable album art scanning and more – Happy listening!

Colibri 1.9.1 Changelog


  • Updated codebase to Swift 5
  • Settings -> Output now better fits all kHz entries
  • Volume is now automatically raised to 100% for DSD files when DoP/DoPA mode is selected and restored to previous volume level for non-DSD files (and PCM mode)
  • Unsupported DST encoded DSD and DTS encoded WAV files will now show proper Unsupported Codec error messages
  • added an alternate fallback method for Automatic Sample Rate Switching for stubborn DACs (Colibri uses it automatically when needed)
  • Finder sorting order is used to enqueueing files to the Playlist
  • Playlist will be rendered with system default monospace font when available (macOS 10.11 and up)
  • added a ‘Use Default SoundFont’ option for MIDI files to the right-click context menu of the Playlist
  • removing the default SoundFont will automatically set the next available SoundFont as the default
  • if the SoundFont list is empty, then the first SoundFont will automatically be marked as the default
  • removing a SoundFont only causes playback restart if the currently played song is affected by the removal
  • importing a new SoundFont will automatically set it as the default
  • new switchable option in Settings -> Playlist: “Dragging to the Playlist via Mouse / Trackpad”:
    • songs will be added at pointer position (insert)
    • songs will be added at the end of the list (append, like before)
  • added ‘Permanent Pause’ to Settings -> Behavior (Off, by default):
    • pause will ‘hold’ until the Play button is pressed again
    • switching to a different song will ‘arm’/prepare the song for playback
    • seeking repositions the playhead and it will play audio from the selected spot once unpaused
    • removing songs from the playlist does not affect the paused state
  • added ‘Auto-Play’ to Settings -> Behavior (On, by default):
    • On: Colibri automatically plays the next song
    • Off: Colibri stops when the current song ends
  • Playlist Columns have been rewritten from scratch for improved stability: see Settings -> Columns
  • Columns are now sortable:
    • click on the header once to sort playlist by that column
    • clicking once again switches between Ascending/Descending sorting
    • sorting is supported across all columns
  • added new Columns:
    • Length, kHz, Codec, Year, Track Number, Disc Number, Composer and Bit Depth
  • Playlist Columns can now have vertical and horizontal Grids:
    • they help in finding the columns boundaries during reordering and resizing
    • Grids can be toggled on/off in Settings -> Themes
    • a color picker has been added to Settings -> Themes for the Grid
  • new Loop option ‘Random Round Robin’ in Settings -> Playlist:
    • each song in the Playlist will be played once per “round”
    • when all songs were played once, a new “round” begins
    • removing a song causes the “round”
    • double-clicking on a song does not reset the “round”
    • a great way to have a balanced, random playback order
  • monospace system fonts are now used in both the Title bar and Status bar (10.11 and up)


  • Colibri would not display its’ name in the Force Quit and Activity Monitor windows
  • Colibri would prevent the system from entering sleep state
  • Colibri would fail to play the upcoming song under very high system load
  • Playhead wouldn’t always continue from the same spot on output device change
  • Playlist would have a weird glitch on startup
  • Force Sample Rate would cause crash on startup
  • Online Streams wouldn’t always start playback
  • Random playback order would sometime cause Colibri to crash
  • BS2B and EQ profiles wouldn’t property restore on next startup
  • After starting Colibri, the playlist would become disorganized/chaotic if files had gone missing since last start
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn’t always switch properly after the end of the playlist had been reached
  • Menubar Controller didn’t always refresh the data on song change
  • some built-in Audio DSP hardware wouldn’t switch sample rate properly (mainly newer MacBook Pros)
  • SoundFonts won’t always properly reload on next launch
  • SoundFonts won’t properly switch on a per-song basis
  • custom SoundFonts could disappear from the SoundFont list
  • setting a custom SoundFont as default wouldn’t always save properly
  • network streams won’t trigger a ‘Problem calculating song length’ error
  • Menubar Controller properly shows Light/Dark control buttons as per system theme
  • Colibri could crash by clicking on the EQ button while the Playlist is empty
  • moving multiple songs in the Playlist at once could cause titles to be become disorganized
  • dragging files / folder to the dock would not be added to the Playlist properly
  • Colibri could crash on El Capitan 10.11.6 when switching between Dock and Menu modes
  • added missing keyboard shortcut to DSD output mode menu
  • About Colibri window didn’t properly switch the Light logo in Dark Mode
  • Theme import / export buttons wouldn’t properly spawn the browser windows
  • Pressing Return on an empty playlist could sometimes cause crash
  • Pressing Return while nothing is selected in the playlist could cause crash
  • Color Pickers in Settings -> Themes should now behave as expected of them

Thank you Henning Gärtner for all-around essential feedback and testing, Rick Ernsting for feedback on the SoundFont issues!

Colibri 1.9 Changelog


  • BASS has been updated to 2.4.14
  • DSD playback has been completely rewritten from scratch
  • DSD PCM mode will automatically use highest supported sample rate
  • Settings -> Output has revamped DSD and Sample Rate Switching sections
  • Audio core has been further optimized for multi-threaded playback
  • improved gapless playback compatibility with BASSZXTUNE
  • further decreased memory usage when preloading next song
  • device disconnect handling has been enhanced: reconnect your device and hit play! The default output is used as fallback should the device still be missing.


  • selected audio output should now properly be retained on restart
  • Menu Bar Controller would not properly update song info on track changes
  • pre-amp would not restore properly when switching profiles
  • empty playlist when adding from Finder wouldn’t work
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn’t work properly with USB DACs
  • DSD DoP / DoP AA modes would not work
  • DSD sample rate would stay fixed at 88.2 kHz in PCM mode
  • Pause wouldn’t work during DSD playback
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn’t work properly with Exclusive / Hog mode
  • pressing Previous during DSD playback wouldn’t work as expected
  • playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file could cause Colibri to crash
  • playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file with 0 dB enabled wouldn’t restore the system volume
  • attempting to play DST encoded DSD files would cause Colibri to crash (DST encoding is still unsupported!)
  • preloaded DSD files would not properly raise the volume if requested
  • DSD playback with pre-cache would always properly show the total time of the song
  • preloaded channel wouldn’t always properly set the internal mixer’s sample rate
  • DSD playback would sometimes disable the volume slider even without 0dB option being enabled
  • pre-cache wouldn’t work while Force Sample Rate is enabled
  • pre-cache trigger wouldn’t properly fire with very high resolution DSD files
  • Colibri would sometimes crash on quitting
  • importing SF2/SFZ MIDI SoundFont would cause a crash
  • colibriTheme file association would not properly register with Finder
  • fixed a crash regarding file loading and removal
  • removing multiple files one by one could cause a crash

Special thanks to Henning Gärtner, Ian Chen, Sempov, John Mastwijk, Hiroki Okudera, Kai-Hsiang Chuang, Minh Ho, Lenny Park and Katherine Noell for providing essential feedback.

Colibri 1.8.11 Changelog


  • Added file size limit for ZXTune processing (Settings -> Behavior)
  • Previous button now acts more like the one on CD players: if pressed less than 4 seconds into the song it goes back one track. However, after 4 seconds have passed it first skips to the beginning of the current song
  • Remove song got an extended behavior as well: If a song is playing then selecting all song and pressing remove would protect the currently played song. However, if only the currently played song is selected then playback will be stopped and the song will be removed. This is to eliminate the need of pressing stop then remove.
  • Added Factory Reset button to Help
  • Added Window -> Show Colibri Main Window


  • Colibri would not be the focused app when launched
  • the Album column wouldn’t always auto-resize with the window
  • Open All Files From Folder would not work
  • multiple crashes and inconsistencies related to Sandbox / User Defaults
  • redone main window scaling to fix display problems on macOS versions 10.10 and 10.11
  • fixed label positioning errors visible on macOS 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12
  • recompiled BS2B from scratch to fix macOS 10.10 Yosemite support problems
  • recompiled BASSZXTUNE from scratch to fix macOS 10.11 El Capitan support problems
  • parallelized theme color fill drawing to avoid flicker under high CPU load
  • changing Menu bar options would cause Colibri to crash
  • loading multiple files at once could cause crashing

Colibri 1.8.10 Changelog

Thank you for using Colibri! This update brings Theme support and fixes Automatic Sample Rate Switching. Happy listening!


  • Having problems with your DAC? Colibri now has an Engine Debug window available from Help -> Show Debug Log, where you can see what happens under the hood as Colibri tries to communicate with your DAC, specifically the
  • equency rate setting attempts. With a click of a button the log output can be inserted to a blank email and sent to me if you’ve got a question
  • Colibri now supports Themes / custom color tinting (Settings -> Themes) with import/export
  • Colibri Themes can be imported and opened system-wide by using colibritheme:///Users/username/theme.colibriTheme
  • Switching between Audio Devices during playback continues playback on the selected device
  • Audio Output falls back to System Default if saved device is not found
  • Added ZXTune support as a switchable option (Settings -> Behavior)
  • Added SeekBar animation smoothness switchable option
  • Song Preload now sends an extra wake-up signal to external drives
  • Added MP3/MP2 support to Cue Sheet index processing
  • Better support for files with broken headers
  • When Colibri’s window loses focus the playlist cursor no longer turns to gray
  • Added Menu Bar Song information display with truncate options (Settings -> Display)
  • Added “play the first new song if nothing is playing” to Settings -> Playlist
  • Added ‘Set volume to 0 dB for DSD’ with automatic volume level restoral for non-DSD files
  • Added ‘DAC and CoreAudio bridging mode’ for DSD – should raise compatiblity with DACs
  • Added option to select frequency for cases when a higher frequency file is played than what is supported by the output device
  • Added ‘Force Sample Rate’ option for Sound Output Device
  • All supported sample rates of the audio output device reported by CoreAudio are now visible within Settings -> Output
  • If the user-defined audio output has disappeared then Colibri uses the system default
  • Minor UI positioning fixes (mostly equal button lengths and alignments)
  • Better handling of adding multiple files at once
  • Colibri’s main window title now properly centers itself
  • Status Bar update redraw cycles have been reduced, which means even less CPU usage than before
  • Status Bar now serves as a messaging pipeline as well: messages from Colibri’s background processes can briefly be seen there, such as the state of scanning files, analyzing song lengths for total time statistics and file loading
  • mp; enqueuing progression
  • Added licensing info of ColorPickerPopover


  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching has been completely rewritten and is now fixed
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching now properly happens with preloaded files
  • Dropping files on top of Colibri’s main window now properly adds them
  • Fixed a typo in BS2B settings
  • ‘Open Network Stream’ now accepts CMD + V for pasting the network address
  • Updated support email in About window
  • Default EQ is now properly restored when Colibri is opened
  • Total time in the main window title bar wouldn’t always be accurate while seeking
  • Song info wouldn’t update when Right/Ctrl-clicking on Colibri in the Dock
  • MIDI bank switching wouldn’t always be seamless
  • BS2B Settings page could cause a crash by simultaneously clearing and assigning a profile
  • Dark / Light theme did not properly update the default album art cover
  • Deleting multiple songs did not always properly recalculate the statistics
  • Moving horizontally with the keyboard left and right keys was disabled while an Open/Save dialog was open – instead, Colibri would seek forward/backward
  • Loading a playlist file would cause the Sandbox window to constantly pop up
  • Saving a playlist with at least one network stream in it would cause it not be restored properly on loading
  • resetting BS2B data didn’t always update the text within Settings -> BS2B
  • song statistic calculations could go haywire when a song with corrupt header was present
  • loading folders with multiple folders wouldn’t always start the playback even though autostart was enabled
  • Volume wouldn’t always properly restore itself between sessions
  • Playlist background color could cause some clipping issues
  • FLAC files wouldn’t always reload their album arts if Album Art was disabled then re-enabled during playback
  • Network streams would cause preload to stop playback instead of continuing
  • ‘silently add them to the list’ wouldn’t always work with a folders mixed with files
  • Deleting thousands of files from the playlist at once is way faster than before (although the Sandbox entitlements still have to be revoked one by one)

Also I’ve hit the 4000 character limit of the changelog when submitting this new update

Colibri 1.8.9 Changelog


  • Added missing DSD file type associations for Finder
  • Added an on/off switch for the Equalizer as for some reason I totally forgot to include it.
  • Added a new default DSD Data Sending method that should play even nicer with your DACs: ‘Native with fallback to Auto’
  • Unplayable / gone missing songs are now marked in red and are not removed from the playlist
  • Such unplayable files will be cleared from being red if the path to them becomes available/reachable
  • Enhanced the Sandbox handling to better differentiate between ‘unreachable’ and ‘reachable, but non-existent’ file paths
  • Reworked DSD data signal chain handling to make Colibri more crash-proof in terms of selecting DSD sending methods not supported by the DAC
  • Colibri can now figure out what to do with Cue Sheets that have alarmingly disorganized content


  • Sandbox permission dialog would constantly pop-up if a song went missing before playback
  • Moving multiple songs around in the playlist would confuse Colibri
  • Pressing the stop button wouldn’t always instantly stop the playback
  • Colibri would sometimes highlight the wrong song as currently playing in the playlist
  • Colibri would mix up remembered songs in the playlist if some of them disappeared before launch
  • Colibri would crash when some songs are reordered during playback
  • Fatal crash would occur if multiple songs went missing during playback
  • Playlist songs would not accept the reordering properly during playback
  • Playlist would become disorganized if a particular song type is moved during playback
  • Colibri wouldn’t be able to come up with a random song order and would just grind to a halt
  • Colibri would crash upon loading seriously non-conforming Cue Sheets

Colibri 1.8.8 Changelog


  • Colibri now has BS2B support (SourceForge) with per song and per audio device automatic profile switching
  • Added options in Menu -> Colibri for resetting BS2B device and profile data


  • Added 10-band Peaking Equalizer support with per song automatic profiles switching


  • Added support for ReplayGain either from audio file metadata or Cue Sheet


  • Album Art in Colibri’s main window is now clickable, double click on it to see the cover image in a popover window!
  • Album Art loading has been extended: the first readable jpg / jpeg / png is loaded if no suitable files is found
  • Reorganized the Playlist, Display and Behavior sections in Settings
  • Added option to load all files of a folder when opening one of them in Finder
  • Added option of selecting the default behavior for adding songs from Finder: play at once or enqueue silently
  • Added option of clearing the playlist on exit
  • Status bar now has a ‘Stat’ section which shows the total number and total time of the tracks in the playlist
  • Moved the time elapsed/remaining from the Status bar to the main window title as a selectable option
  • Added option of setting the main window title: switch between time combinations and branding
  • Added option of setting Pre-cache kickoff time (5/10/15 seconds before current song ends)
  • Added option of setting the amount of RAM used for audio cache/buffering
  • Added option of setting the DSD data sending method (Auto/DoP/RAW)
  • Playlist now closes ‘upwards’ instead of moving the player window downwards
  • The folder crawling algorithm has been given an extensive makeover
  • Cue Sheet processing has been rewritten to have better error correction
  • Added menu entries for seeking forward and backward within Menu -> Controls
  • Added hotkeys for increasing and decresing volume by 10%: Control + Up/Down
  • Added menu entries for increasing and decreasing volume by 10%
  • Improved memory management of Adaptive Read-ahead
  • Colibri 1.8.8 has gone through a core rewrite for better multi-thread support
  • Added ‘Play song now’ option to Right-click/Control-click menu of Playlist
  • Improved metadata support for APE and ALAC files when loaded from Cue Sheets


  • ‘Play currently selected’ would remain unclickable in Menu -> Controls
  • Malformed file name within a Cue Sheet could cause Colibri to crash on song change
  • Malformed Cue Sheets would cause Colibri to miscalculate the song lengths
  • Cue Sheets with additional comments would confuse Colibri
  • Looping WAVE files forever with a certain header type could cause a memory leak
  • Unreadable files ended up in playlist by loading them via the ‘Plus sign’ icon or File -> Open
  • Numerous Sandbox handling errors
  • .log files would end up in the playlist
  • Pressing ‘Stop’ wouldn’t always show the correct placeholder album art image
  • Clear playlist on loading from Finder would only work once per session
  • Adding multiple songs from Finder wouldn’t always start the playback from the first new song
  • Playlist loading would sometimes fail to load files properly
  • Playlist would have a dark background in Light mode if started with an empty playlist

Colibri 1.8.6 Changelog

Version 1.8.6 is an urgent hotfix that addresses an issue with Colibri crashing while loading Folders containing multiple subfolders, below you can read what’s new since 1.8.5:


  • Colibri can now play all formats of MOD music that the BASS engine supports:
    • Media Foundation (MF)
    • Impulse Tracker
    • ProTracker
    • FastTracker 2
    • MO3
    • MultiTracker
    • ScreamTracker 3
  • Two sample mixing options are available for MOD music: sinc interpolated and non-interpolated playback
  • The default sample mixing can be adjusted within Settings -> MOD
  • It is also possible to set the sample mixing on a per song basis via Right/Alt-clicking on the song in the playlist
  • Switching between the two interpolation methods is done on-the-fly while playback is running making it easier to choose
  • Infinite MOD looping instructions are supported and can be turned on within Settings -> MOD


  • Colibri can now chirp all the MIDI formats that are supported by the BASS engine
  • A free SoundFont is included with Colibri and is set as the default playback SoundFont
  • Import your SoundFonts at Settings -> MIDI and set the best sounding one to be the default
  • SoundFonts can also be applied on a per song basis: Right/Alt-click on a MIDI song in the playlist and assign one of the available SoundFonts to it – switching is instant and done realtime (preserving the playhead position) making it easy to figure out which SoundFont sounds better.


  • Seeking forwards/backwards 5 seconds within the current song is now possible with the keyboard arrow keys
  • The Right/Alt-click menu of The Dock icon has just leveled up! It now displays a bit of song info (title/artist/album name) and also enables basic control of Colibri.
  • Purge playlist when opening songs from Finder: Colibri will start with a completely empty playlist when songs are added from an external source (like Finder) if this new switchable option is turned on within Settings -> Behavior – it is off by default as it removes all previously added songs from the playlist.
  • When a song is added from Finder (or any external source) then it becomes selected in the playlist – when adding multiple songs, the first one will be highlighted


  • Pressing return twice would cause Colibri to crash
  • Random loop mode would not always work after startup
  • Random mode would fail to work properly if the preloaded song is removed just before playback
  • Selecting and moving multiple songs in the playlist would cause them to become reversly ordered
  • Playlist cursor would lose focus after starting playback/pressing next or previous
  • Playlist columns would not properly restore their previous state
  • Pressing media keys rapidly would cause Colibri to eat up a huge amount RAM, only to release it after a song change
  • Removing multiple highlighted songs via the context menu would not remove the song it was invoked (“clicked on”) from
  • Missing file type associations for supported types have been added
  • Tooltip labels would remain visible “floating” even after hiding Colibri’s window
  • macOS Notification Center wouldn’t always show the corresponding album art
  • Fixed a critical bug within Sandbox permission handling that affected multiple parts of Colibri from starting up to album art loading

Colibri 1.8.1 Changelog

Album art support has been extended

  • all supported audio files with proper ID3 tags and/or iTunes metadata will have their album artwork shown
  • including, but not limited to: ALAC, AAC, M4A and MP3 files

Colibri has a brand-new CUE sheet reading engine

  • all file encoding types readable by macOS are now supported (UTF8/UTF16/Unicode/Shift-JIS and more)
  • further enhanced data separation detection

Enhanced multithreading for Colibri’s internals

  • playback has been rewritten to use asynchronous read-ahead
  • reduced lag/stuttering during network storage/high-latency playback
  • reduced playback lag/stuttering when your computer is under stress (high CPU load)

Sound Output settings

  • Selected output is properly saved and loaded
  • If the saved device is absent when Colibri is started the the default output will be used
  • The frequency allowed by CoreAudio is now visible under the Output select box

Exclusive/Hog mode

  • Enable Exclusive/Hog mode in Settings – Output to cancel any other sound sources on your Mac for a truly undisturbed listening experience

Further Enhancements

  • Added macOS Notification Center support, try it at the slightly revamped Settings panel
  • Added missing Retina display app icons
  • Pressing the return/enter key immediately starts the playback from the selected song in the playlist
  • Sandbox permission windows are now shown directly above Colibri’s main window
  • Due to popular request, an on/off switch for the volume, seeking and pause pop-up notifications has been added in the Settings menu


  • BASS FLAC updated to version 2.4.4
  • BASS MIXER updated to version 2.4.9


  • The playlist would have floating and duplicating album titles upon column switching
  • The title and artist name would not properly center horizontally on switching to 2-column mode
  • Colibri would not load songs from Folders dragged and dropped on the Dock icon
  • Colibri Playlist files would not always load properly via drag and drop
  • Open Playlist would not always clear the whole playlist
  • The selection cursor would disappear on song change or when the playlist is reordered/modified
  • Switching loop modes directly before a song would end could cause the song details to not update properly
  • Right-clicking/Option-clicking on empty space the Playlist and selecting ‘Reveal in Finder’ could cause Colibri to crash
  • CUE sheet PERFORMER data was not being read correctly
  • Initial playlist style was not properly initialized after a fresh install
  • Sandbox permission granting could not always load the file the permission was asked for
  • Mass-deleting and quickly re-adding multiple files at the same time could cause Colibri to crash
  • In some cases corrupt/missing files would cause a bit of a chaos: titles and their respective songs would get mixed up
  • Songs originating from CUE sheets that were not in UTF-8 BOM format would have ‘Unknown Artist’ shown as their Performer after exiting and relaunching Colibri – even though they had been correctly read the first time they were added

Colibri 1.6 changelog

General improvements and changes:

  • Added DSD codec support (.dsf and .dff file extensions)
  • Added Respond to Media Keys switchable option in Settings
  • Added “Pre-cache next song” function and option to Settings (and is also enabled by default)
  • Fixed a bug where cover art loading could cause a delay in song info update during song change
  • Seeking will only reposition the playhead when you let go of the seeker
  • Seekbar has been reworked to provide a smoother seeking experience
  • Fixed a bug where the Colibri title bar would stay white on macOS 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed a bug where the Playlist header (or even first row) would have white background color on first run
  • Fixed a bug where having the current song on loop wouldn’t work if it originated from a Cue sheet

CUE Sheet handling improvements (when a folder is opened/dragged to the playlist)

  • Colibri first looks for the CUE sheet and loads the songs described in it
  • If the CUE sheet is malformed then Colibri reads what is salvageable and tries to guess the missing contents
  • If the CUE sheet is unusable/unreadable then Colibri adds all the songs in the containing folder one by one
  • The scanning is done recursively through all the subfolders of the opened/dragged folder

Playlist handling updates:

  • Colibri can now save/load its’ playlist to a custom file format (.colibriPlaylist)
  • Added M3U / M3u8 playlist file format loading/appending support
  • Added File -> Load Playlist (wipes current playlist and loads selected playlist)
  • Added File -> Append Playlist (adds selected playlists’ items to current playlist)
  • Dragging a playlist file to Colibri appends its’ contents to the current playlist

Playlist layout additions:

  • Added option to customize playlist with the following styles:
  • 2 columns centred (as before)
  • 3 columns without headers
  • 3 columns with headers – resizable and rearrangeable