Colibri 2.0.5 is now available

Hi and thanks for checking in! After a long bit of delay, here’s a new version of our little bird that features quite a few under-the-hood enhancements, mainly regarding Sandbox handling: the dreaded and seemingly most reported issue in the past couple of months is that Colibri would just bounce up and down on the Dock, without actually starting – or taking an enormous amount of time to boot up.

To combat this, the Sandbox bookmark handling has been broken down to smaller chunks and is now properly being handled using background threads – even with spotty Wi-Fi and disappearing SMB shares I’ve got very positive initial feedback during testing, so hopefully Colibri will now start quickly for everyone. As always, please do let me know if you experience otherwise!

Another Sandbox issue prevented the default MIDI SoundFont from being loaded – this is also fixed, along with a weird bug that caused the CMD + Up hotkey to not work as intended.

I do plan on extending Colibri to other platforms as well and work has been going on behind the scenes with the full intention of having iOS, iPadOS and tvOS versions of Colibri in the future. Part of this evolution is for me to get more acquainted with CoreAnimation and Transitions and while I’ve promised to keep Colibri’s interface simple and clean, I did sneak in a bit of fun to the Album Art view popover: double click on the album art, then either click on the image in the popover or click the little circle icon in the bottom-right corner.

Album Art animation

As for all the suggestions, feedbacks and issues we’ve discussed over email – they are still on the to-do list and coming eventually!

Happy Listening!

Colibri 2.0.5 Changelog

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Colibri would bounce indefinitely during startup
  • Invalid Sandbox bookmarks would cause Colibri to hang
  • CMD + Up keyboard shortcut didn’t always work
  • MIDI SoundFont would fail to load

A bit of fun: try double clicking on the album art and then click on the album art image that pops up!

Update 2.0.2 is now available

This update brings fixes to the following:

  • Album art popover could cause a crash if the embedded album art was somehow irregular
  • Colibri would crash on startup if the supported frequencies reported by the DAC through CoreAudio would contain invalid data
  • DSD DoP playback would switch to PCM mode on playing the next DSD track
  • Adding songs from Finder and/or M3U/M3U8 playlists could cause the Playlist to not redraw itself
  • DSD DoP songs would not always restart themselves when ‘Loop current’ mode was selected
  • Dropping files/folders on Colibri’s Dock icon wouldn’t always save the Sandbox bookmarks on quitting

As usual, if you have automatic updates enabled, Colibri should be updated shortly – if not, visit the Mac AppStore listing to manually trigger the update.

That’s all for now, thanks for all the feedback, reports and suggestions! More to come in the following weeks – in the meantime, Happy Listening!