Colibri 2.1.8 Changelog


  • FLAC module updated to
  • OPUS module updated to
  • HLS module updated to 2.4.4


  • A memory leak could occur when playing AirPlay songs with preload enabled
  • A memory usage spike could happen when the play button (or Return hotkey) was pressed many times in quick succession while AirPlay mode was active
  • A race condition bug could prevent Colibri from gaplessly proceeding to the next Song in AirPlay mode under high system load
  • Re-ordering Songs above the currently playing Song could cause the Playlist to mark a different Song as being played


  • Built with Xcode 15.0

Colibri 2.1.7 Changelog


  • Colibri can now properly read iTunes/ exported Playlist files in M3U and M3U8 formats


  • Network streams would fail to load from M3U files
  • Stopping and restarting a song via AirPlay could cause silence to be played
  • AirPlay playback could softlock itself if the upcoming Song was unavailable
  • Adding Songs from Finder would crash Colibri if the ‘Clear playlist…’ option was enabled
  • Colibri could crash/behave erratically if ‘Load all songs from within…’ option was enabled
  • When opening files from Finder, Colibri would not start playback at the song that was initially clicked on in Finder
  • When dropping files to the Playlist, Colibri wouldn’t always start playback with the correct Song
  • Colibri wouldn’t properly read DOS/Windows formatted .m3u playlists with ^M carriage-return character end-of-line characters
  • Colibri would crash if an XML file is present within a dragged folder
  • Volume slider would flash for a split second when pressing Play/Pause while AirPlay/Audio signal override was active


  • Added a bit more logging for AirPlay and preload related issues to the Debug Log for easier troubleshooting

Colibri 2.1.6 Changelog


  • Colibri should no longer freeze when playing back a high sample rate file when a 3rd party audio signal modifier app is active (such as Boom3D)


  • M3U loading by double clicking in Finder would cause Colibri to crash
  • M3U playlist processing wouldn’t always ask for top-level folder permission, leaving some tracks unplayable or skipping them
  • Clear playlist on exit could leave songs in the playlist on next startup, thanks to a race condition bug


  • When a 3rd party audio signal modifying app is active, Colibri might not succeed in sending frequency switching commands to your audio output device via CoreAudio

Colibri 2.1.5 Changelog


  • Sandbox Manager will show unresolvable bookmarks as invalid
  • Smart Cleanup will also remove unresolvable bookmarks


  • Unresolvable bookmarks can also be paths that belong to External Storage Devices or Network Shares on your NAS that you currently don’t have access to (eg.: when away from home)

Colibri 2.1.4 Changelog


  • File extension won’t be shown as Artist if the Artist metadata is missing
  • Cue Sheet “REM GENRE” section is read during Cue Sheet processing
  • Genre metadata property will be read during song processing
  • Genre now has column options within Preferences > Columns
  • Searching using “Everything” will also take the Genre part of the songs data into account


  • Colibri would crash when right-click context menu ‘Reveal in Finder’ was invoked on an empty part of the Playlist

Colibri 2.1.2 Changelog


  • AirPlay: Colibri will stall AirPlay playback and wait 60 seconds for the data to arrive when playing from a slow storage device / network share, then assembles it and pushes forward to AirPlay. This eliminates the song partially playing due to data not arriving in time for playback to start.
  • Enhanced song end signaling precision: song changes should now stay smooth even under high CPU load


  • Colibri wouldn’t transition properly to the next song even if frequency change wasn’t necessary
  • Colibri would instantly skip a song if the file header isn’t complete / misaligned, particularly if it belongs to an older scene release
  • Colibri would show a different song as opposed to the one being played if a loop mode is selected
  • Colibri would suddenly leave a gap during song change even if the songs should be heard in a gapless manner
  • Resolved a possible memory leak regarding song end signalling
  • A small gap at the very end of a song could be heard just before advancing to such a song, that would require frequency switching

Colibri 2.1.1 Changelog


  • Added missing thousand separator space to ‘Processing Song X of Y’ status bar message


  • Preloaded songs wouldn’t play in a gapless manner if not being part of a Cue Sheet
  • ‘Clear Search phrase’ would not remove the ‘X’ clear button in Search view
  • Playlist header would disappear when no Songs were present in Playlist

Colibri 2.1.0 Changelog

This version raises the minimum required operating system version to macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

New Features:

Native AirPlay 2 support

  • supports multi-room audio
  • simultaneous playback to multiple devices
  • fully native, end-to-end encrypted
  • doesn’t rely on third-party solutions or modules
  • available from macOS 10.15 and up

Search & Filtering for the Playlist:

  • filter using all columns or a combination of artist/title/album
  • keyboard shortcuts

NowPlayable support

  • song info, album art display
  • playback control with seeking
  • available in the macOS Control Center


  • all control and feedback interface elements have descriptions and help texts
  • older descriptions updated / reworded as necessary

Async file loader/crawler:

  • file loading and processing are now done in two phases
  • playlist is updated in realtime as songs are processed
  • number of files being processed is displayed in the bottom status bar

Device settings – 4 new options:

  • Force frequency: disable automatic sample rate switching and use one frequency for all songs
  • Initial volume: set the system output level of the device to the given percentage when the device is used
  • Frequency switching silence: generate the given number of milliseconds silent output during the mode switching of the device
  • Restore to frequency on quit: restore the device to the selected frequency when Colibri quits

Sandbox Manager

  • add, edit or remove existing bookmarks
  • check if you have invalid bookmarks
  • Smart Cleanup: remove all redundant bookmarks with a single click
  • Improved Sandbox Bookmark resolution
  • Strict App Hardening is enabled for added security
  • Interface subtle animation: album art, song info and status bar updates are delivered with smooth transitions


  • Help > Debug Log is back with automatic refresh and scrolling to bottom
  • Added ‘Jump to current’ and ‘Jump and Select current’ hotkeys
  • MIDI module updated to the latest version
  • WavPack module updated to the latest version
  • Only try switching device frequency during song change if the frequency is supported by the device, respect the fallback strategy otherwise
  • Removed multiple superfluous device reinitialisation calls
  • Extended system sleep options with screen sleep variants
  • Cue Sheet processing now skips unreachable files
  • Cue Sheet and M3U file formats are autodetected during processing
  • Only the latest notification will be present, older ones should now disappear instead of stacking


  • Crash when opening multiple files at once from Finder
  • Crash when clicking on a color picker in Settings > Themes
  • Device wouldn’t switch to the highest available frequency if the song has already started and the output was changed mid-playback
  • Fallback frequency wouldn’t be considered if a non-DSD song came after a DSD song
  • First row of Playlist would become squashed on startup
  • First track from a colibriPlaylist would disappear
  • Freeze when you have one song in the playlist and choose repeat random loop mode
  • Media Key events could be fire twice from macOS 11.0 Big Sur and up
  • Network streams from M3U files wouldn’t load
  • Notifications would be shown when the Settings panel is opened
  • Preloading wouldn’t always work with random-based loop modes
  • Selecting custom in Settings > Themes would result a in completely black player window