Colibri 1.6 changelog

General improvements and changes:

  • Added DSD codec support (.dsf and .dff file extensions)
  • Added Respond to Media Keys switchable option in Settings
  • Added “Pre-cache next song” function and option to Settings (and is also enabled by default)
  • Fixed a bug where cover art loading could cause a delay in song info update during song change
  • Seeking will only reposition the playhead when you let go of the seeker
  • Seekbar has been reworked to provide a smoother seeking experience
  • Fixed a bug where the Colibri title bar would stay white on macOS 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed a bug where the Playlist header (or even first row) would have white background color on first run
  • Fixed a bug where having the current song on loop wouldn’t work if it originated from a Cue sheet

CUE Sheet handling improvements (when a folder is opened/dragged to the playlist)

  • Colibri first looks for the CUE sheet and loads the songs described in it
  • If the CUE sheet is malformed then Colibri reads what is salvageable and tries to guess the missing contents
  • If the CUE sheet is unusable/unreadable then Colibri adds all the songs in the containing folder one by one
  • The scanning is done recursively through all the subfolders of the opened/dragged folder

Playlist handling updates:

  • Colibri can now save/load its’ playlist to a custom file format (.colibriPlaylist)
  • Added M3U / M3u8 playlist file format loading/appending support
  • Added File -> Load Playlist (wipes current playlist and loads selected playlist)
  • Added File -> Append Playlist (adds selected playlists’ items to current playlist)
  • Dragging a playlist file to Colibri appends its’ contents to the current playlist

Playlist layout additions:

  • Added option to customize playlist with the following styles:
  • 2 columns centred (as before)
  • 3 columns without headers
  • 3 columns with headers – resizable and rearrangeable