Update 2.0.2 is now available

This update brings fixes to the following:

  • Album art popover could cause a crash if the embedded album art was somehow irregular
  • Colibri would crash on startup if the supported frequencies reported by the DAC through CoreAudio would contain invalid data
  • DSD DoP playback would switch to PCM mode on playing the next DSD track
  • Adding songs from Finder and/or M3U/M3U8 playlists could cause the Playlist to not redraw itself
  • DSD DoP songs would not always restart themselves when ‘Loop current’ mode was selected
  • Dropping files/folders on Colibri’s Dock icon wouldn’t always save the Sandbox bookmarks on quitting

As usual, if you have automatic updates enabled, Colibri should be updated shortly – if not, visit the Mac AppStore listing to manually trigger the update.

That’s all for now, thanks for all the feedback, reports and suggestions! More to come in the following weeks – in the meantime, Happy Listening!

Sleep Warden is out now

The tool I’ve made a few months ago to help with Colibri’s system sleep preventing issues has been polished and is now ready for public use.

Sleep Warden is a tiny menu bar app that discreetly informs you whether your Mac is allowed to sleep or something is preventing it from doing so. Click on it to instantly see a list of sleep preventing apps and processes – and to avoid false positives, you can also add trusted apps/processes to the whitelist.

Sleep Warden is available from the Mac AppStore – with an introductory sale going until the 18th of June, 2021.

As for Colibri, I’m thankful for all the reactions, suggestions, feedback and bug reports I’ve been constantly getting since the 2.0.1 update – and rest assured, the next version is already in the works. Thanks for checking in!

Colibri 2.0 is now Waiting for Review

Hello there! Thanks for checking in, I’ve just handed over the update to Apple for an extensive review, which could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days – although personally, I’m hoping for a few hours of turnaround time.

Exciting times!

Once the review is done, it should take a few minutes for the update servers to notice the new version of Colibri – followed by your Mac installing the update (if auto-update is enabled) or just getting notified by macOS once the update is ready for download. I’ll put up a post when the update gets verified – hang tight!

Mid-May Progress Report

Hi there and thanks for checking in!

As we are nearing the end of the update, Colibri had one area that desperately needed attention since the initial conception – loading multiple files at once would cause hiccups, even more so with large amount of nested directories: loading anything above a few gigabytes would cause Colibri to beachball for even up to many minutes, depending on the folder architecture and the files therein.

As of a few hours ago, Colibri just got a brand new, optimised folder crawler that improves upon the previous one in terms of error handling – such as guessing missing cue sheet contents based on initial content discovery -, but also does so at breakneck speeds (compared to the old version, to say the least). To put it into numbers, a mixed folder of cue sheets, tracker music and m3u playlists weighing just a bit above 69 GB is fully processed and loaded within approximately 30 seconds.

Now, as many of you may already know Colibri isn’t yet suited to be a Library-based player and loading that many songs is not ideal – but it can certainly be done. The under-the-hood optimisations also greatly speed things up in the RAM Disk department as now flushing the whole playlist to the RAM can be done as fast as the storage can be read.

Despite the feature freeze I did manage to sneak one small, heavily requested feature in, which is to keep Colibri’s main window floating above other apps! This is a switchable option available from Preferences > Playlist:

Always On Top is available in Colibri 2.0

More to come real soon, stay safe and please look forward to the update!