FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is considered  to be one of the most popular compression formats when it comes to lossless audio. It is similar to popular compression formats like ZIP, RAR and 7z in a way that it does not alter the original content, just stores it at a smaller file size.


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What’s so good about FLAC?

If you collect lossless audio in digital format, many consider FLAC the way to go in terms of storage. One of the big pros is the fact that its’ design principle involves really effective optimization routines for compressing audio. By using a Cue Sheet, one can make an exact copy of an audio disc with every little detail captured perfectly – making it the ideal choice for archival purposes! Excellent compression rate with CPU-friendly playback to store your high definition audio in. Check out XLD, the de facto Mac FLAC converter application for more.

Why is it so popular?

Simply because it is open, and generally well supported. Accessibility and good documentation was key in it becoming so widespread throughout the years.


How to play FLAC on Mac?

For quite some time now, macOS did not offer such a vast array of options regarding FLAC audio players as other operating systems did. A fresh install of macOS (formerly Mac OS X or OSX) does not have a convenient way of playing your FLAC files (although since High Sierra pressing the Spacebar in Finder does play FLAC files) as iTunes would.


Which is the Best FLAC player for Mac?

Strictly objective speak would define the best FLAC player on Mac as the one that works for you! There simply isn’t a solution that fits every single criteria a user would need or want. However, there are a few players with support for FLAC on Mac that try to shoot for such highly-regarded recognition, which brings us to…


Colibri – Native Lossless Audio & Music for your Mac


Colibri Compact Dark

Colibri┬árepresents a simple playback solution while hiding the required complex machinery under the hood. A Mac FLAC audio and music player that supports gapless playback with or without a Cue Sheet. Other notable qualities are bit-perfect audio playback and accurate stereo-balance. If the song contains an embedded cover art then Colibri will happily display it as well – visit the Gallery to see more. I’m trying my best to make Colibri into one of the Best FLAC audio / media players currently available, take it for a spin!


Get Colibri from the Mac AppStore or visit the FAQ if you have any further questions.